It’s Wordless Wednesday….err Thursday

I have to apologize I haven’t had much time to focus on the blog over the last week. Life has been crazy busy lately and my downtime has been limited. A day late but here’s this weeks Wordless Wednesday and what we have been up to in pictures :)











Toddler Boy Fall Fashion

On Monday I posted some of my favorite fall finds for toddler girls, if you missed it you can find that post here. Well it wouldn’t be right to leave the boys out, so here are my favorite Joe Fresh picks for the little boy in your life. Everything shown below can be found at Joe Fresh in the toddler boy section.



Great news for my American followers, Joe Fresh has just launched their US website for online shopping!

Xo. Andria

Wordless Wednesday

This weeks Wordless Wednesday is brought to you by…oops to much Sesame Street for me! This week is car selfies, crazy hair, lakeside bath times, epic ice cream cones and stagette fun!











Isn’t that view from Blasted Church Vineyards to die for? It’s my favorite winery in BC!

Xo. Andria





Toddler Girl Fall Fashion

With the cooler weather quickly approaching us I am slowly preparing to say goodbye to all of Hazels summer dresses and rompers. We’ve had a lot of fun exploring and lounging at the beach in all her cute little outfits. It’s sad to think that most of these outfits will not fit her again next summer and that every couple of months I have to revamp her closet as she’s outgrowing things so quickly.

The best part about shopping for her is there are many stores that sell affordable clothing so you don’t have to break the bank with every growth spurt. One of my favorite places to shop for her is Superstore, they are killing it with their Joe Fresh line. I was able to snag half a dozen tops for her during their recent clearance sale and they were each $1.75!!! How can you go wrong with that price? They have recently started bringing their fall 2014 line into the stores and I think it’s some of their best stuff yet. I thought I would put together a montage of my favorite fall pieces for toddler girls, everything bellow can be found at Joe Fresh and is a mixture of toddler clothing and baby clothing.

Fall toddler

How about those little fringe boots? Now if only I can find a pair in my size :)


Five Things I’m Grateful For


After a week of enjoying the outdoors with my with family here are five more things I am grateful for.

1. Caffeine. Camping with a toddler is a whole other ball game when it comes to sleep. New surroundings and noises make the adjustment a bit difficult. Not to mention nap times in a stuffy hot tent are not fun and neither are tiny toes in ones ribs when co sleeping ends up being the only option. Enter in our friend caffeine to keep mommy and daddy going through the day on little to no sleep.

2. Friendships. My husband has been going to the same camp site his ENTIRE life. I won’t divulge his age but he’s been going for over 30 years, as have the people camping around us. Every year we part ways after our week and pick up exactly were we left off the year before.

3. Naptimes. How else am I expected to get get any good sun tanning time. There is no lying on the beach enjoying a good gossip magazine when you have a sand eating monkey charging full steam ahead at the lake.

4. Glamping. Did you think I was going to be roughing it? Heck no. I need a hot shower, running water and electricity. Did I mention that we have a fridge at our site? The only thing we use a cooler for is the beer :)

5. Our province. We live in one of the most beautiful places ever. To be able to sit on the beach and stare out at the desert hills of the Okanagan beyond the lake and then drive 5 minutes down the road and stare at the lush vineyards that drape the valley. I think I could have started and ended my point right there, vineyards. Oh the wineries of  BC, oh how I love you.

Xo. Andria


West Coast Creative Co Event

A few weeks ago I joined 15 other fabulous Vancouver bloggers for West Coast Creative Co’s second event. West Coast Creative Co was created after Crystal from Sew Creative Blog and Tara from Suburble got together for tea. These two ladies realized very quickly they had lots in common and their hour long chat turned into a four hours and West Coast Creative Co was born. After seeing how much fun their first event was, you can see my friend Tamara’s recap on her blog Discovering Parenthood, I knew I had to go to their next event.

wcccOur fabulous hosts, Crystal and Tara with the Counting Sheep Mascot.

Tara and Crystal did such an amazing job organizing an evening of fun for us. We painted, we chatted, sipped wine and nibbled on yummy appetizers. I had previously only met these ladies at the Vancouver Mom event Five, so it was great to sit down and get to know one another a bit more.


We started off our evening with a special visit from Milestones Robson Street. Kevin from Milestones set up a temporary prep line in the splatter room and prepared a handful of Milestones fall appetizers for us to snack on. We mingled and sipped Haywire wine while enjoying these yummy treats.


We had two sponsors stop by to speak to us about their product. Deland from Counting Sheep Coffee came by to tell us about the benefits of his coffee and a bit about his experience on Dragon’s Den. Counting Sheep Coffee is supposed to help you fall asleep as it contains an herbal sedative, Valerian. Next we had Sky from Mandala Sky share with us her inspiring journey of entrepreneurship. Not only did she join us for the whole evening she created shirts for all of the attendees!

We also had Lindsay Faber Photography capture our evening of fun.

We also walked away from the event with a swag bag loaded with wonderful goodies that I can’t wait to play with. Here’s what we received.


Where was the event held you ask? It was at 4 Cats Arts Studio in Kerrisdale. I have never been to a 4 Cats Arts Studio before and I was blown away! The studio is filled with so much fun artwork and the splatter room looks like an absolute blast. In the splatter room they basically close the door and leave you to fling paint at a canvas, its the perfect setting for a childs birthday party (which they do!). I can’t wait until Hazel is older and we can host a party there. Simone from 4 Cats Kerrisdale walked us through creating our very own Van Gogh painting. It was a lot of fun to learn different techniques and watch as everyone creative side came out. I had so much fun and cannot wait for their next event!


Tamara and myself with our final paintings!

You can check out the rest of the groups event recap here:


Xo. Andria


Whats for Dinner?

I love to cook but I find it hard to find the motivation to cook during the summer. When its hot out the last thing I want to do is turn on the oven and add to the heat in the house. Evan also works fairly late during the summer so I never know when to expect him home from work so we tend to eat out a lot during the summer. I know, I know it gets expensive but he does have a meal allowance so it covers the cost of his meals and gives me more time to play with Hazel instead of being in the kitchen. When I do get to cook I love it and love to try new recipes and host dinner parties. One of our favorite meals during the winter months is lasagna and I have been craving it lately but I find it almost too heavy to eat in the heat. I have seen a few variations on Pinterest lately for lasagna roll ups and have been dying to give them a try. Well I had some time the other night to play in the kitchen and tried my hand at some vegetarian lasagna roll ups and they were deeeelish! I took a quick glance at a recipe I saw online and from there I made it up as I went.

Vegetarian Lasagna Roll ups


14 cooked lasagna noodles

1 container of Ricotta (500 g)

1 1/2 cups of mozzarella

1 egg

1 Zucchini

1 can Marinara sauce

lasagna3 lasagna1

Grate whole zucchini and mix in with ricotta, 1 cup mozzarella and egg. Leave aside 1/2 cup of mozzarella for later.

lasagna2 lasagna5

Take zucchini and cheese mixture and spread on all the noodles. Take each of the noodles and roll them placing the seam side down in a ceramic baking dish lined with the marinara sauce.

lasagna4 lasagna6

Place a large spoon full of marinara sauce on top of each of the lasagna rolls and top with remaining mozzarella.


Place in the oven for about 30 minutes or until sauce is bubbling and pasta is hot in the center. Hope you enjoy!

Xo. Andria




Monday Mantra


Happy Monday Friends! I apologize for the lack of blogging as of late, life has been a bit  crazy lately.  With the return to work my free time has been reduced to after Hazel is bathed and in bed and by that time I myself am ready for bed so NOTHING gets done.  Hazel has also been teething really bad as of late, her molars are coming in so we have had some sleepless nights in our house which means absolutely nothing gets done. That being said we are camping this week, which means lazy days with lots of sun and lots of free time after Hazel goes to bed, so I am sitting here with my solo cup of wine and catching up. Have a great week everyone!

Xo. Andria


Long Weekend Fun

I hope everyone had a safe and fun long weekend. This weather we have had this summer has been amazing, no complaining in our house about going outside! We are gearing up for our annual camping trip so we kept it fairly low key this past weekend.

On Saturday we headed down to Granville Island for a walk around. We stopped in at craft beer market for a bite to eat on our way. One would think with a name like Craft Beer Market it wouldn’t be a place to take your kids but that’s not the case. I myself was amazed at the amount of families in the restaurant and lots of them with young kids. The only downside to this was they did not have enough high chairs for everyone. Other than the lack of chairs we thoroughly enjoyed our visit, the food was delicious and we will definitely be going back!

On Sunday we headed out to Krause Berry Farms for some waffles. Little did we know the only berries available were blueberries, which is totally fine with me but not for Evan and Hazel. I enjoyed the fresh blueberries underneath a mountain of whip cream while they enjoyed their plain waffles with blueberry syrup. After our waffles we walked around back to visit their farm animals, I think this is Hazels favorite part about visiting Krause. She loves animals and squeals with delight everytime she sees one.

On Monday our friend aka Uncle Dean came over and we headed out to Rocky Point for some fun at the spray park and of course some ice cream. Before we left Evan managed to get into an epic battle with out cat who decided to escape the house (he’s indoors only). This resulted in a bite or two and an armful of scratches. Once we arrived at the park and beelined it for the water. Rocky Point is my favorite spray park so far as it has enough water features for the big kids and some for the little kids. Both times we have been there it’s been packed but she has never been trampled which hasn’t been the case at other parks. We finished off our afternoon of fun with some ice cream at Rocky Point Icecream There is just something about watching little kids try and eat an ice cream cone. Hazel had ice creaming dripping down her chin onto her little belly and she kept dropping the cone. The first time it was salvageable, just a few asphalt sprinkles, no big deal. The second and third time it dropped you could hear the cone breaking as it smashed to the ground, which of course resulted in a full on melt down as we took it away. A good sign that our day at the park was over and it was time to head home.

Enough of the yammering here are a few pictures from our weekend. I have really been lacking in the picture taking department lately, so there is just a couple.







Xo. Andria