Cake smash

Last month we did Hazel’s cake smash photo shoot and boy did we smash that cake! I don’t think it could have gone any better, there was no cake left at the end! As you know it was my goal to make my own cake for the shoot and I had spent several hours practicing over the past year. You can find my inspiration pins here and one of my practice cakes here.  I ended up deciding on pink butter cream rosettes for the final cake and did a slight ombre in the icing. Here is my cake:

Hazel 21FW

I had spent several hours perfecting it that morning, it even managed to survive the ride to Emily’s studio with a few near death experiences on the way and when we arrived. Nothing could come close to the damage Hazel did to this cake. She absolutely destroyed it, there was no cake left in the end, not even a slice. I think Evan was a bit disappointed that all that cake went to waste, but boy did she have fun doing it!

Hazel smash 20FW

Hazel 17FW

Hazel smash 19FW

Hazel smash 22FWHazel smash 28FWHazel smash 21FWHazel smash 27FWHazel smash 24FWHazel smash 23FWHazel smash 1FWHazel smash 26FWHazel smash 25FW

In case you missed it the rest of the photos from her one year shoot can be found here.

Xo. Andria



It’s to Die For


Last week I had a couple of loaves of To Die For Lemon Loaf show up on my door. I thought I had died and gone to heaven, it was the best mail day ever! The lemon loaf is hand made in small batches right here in Vancouver and delivered to local stores and coffee shops. As someone who enjoys to bake at home and very rarely purchases a baked good, it does not taste like a store bought product. With it’s organic lemon juice, squeezed from real lemons and toasted coconut flakes it gives the loaf the perfect melt in your mouth taste. The addition of poppy seeds and  toasted millet (which I had no idea what it was until now) gives it just the right amount of texture and crunch to each bite. My absolute favorite thing about the loaf is the light glaze on top, its just the perfect amount of sweetness to finish off the loaf. I might never bake another lemon loaf myself again, as this is just to good.

Erin Ireland is the face behind To Die for Foods and she wasn’t kidding around when she give her company that name, they really are to die for!  You may recognize Erin from CTV Morning Live or The Rush , where she is a contributing food reporter. For more information on To Die for Foods and a list of local stores and coffee shops you can purchase a loaf or slice of Lemon Loaf be sure to check out To Die for Foods. You can also follow Erin and To Die for Fine  Foods on Instagram here and here to stay up to date on new products and locations!

Xo. Andria

Disclaimer: The loaves of To Die for Lemon Loaf were given to me as a gift and were not intended as a blog post or for me to promote To Die for Foods. However the purpose of my blog is to share the things I love and I am so amazed with the quality of the Lemon Loaf that I could not not share it with you. The above thoughts are all 100% my own, I in fact just ate entire loaf while writing this :)

Hazels 1 year photos

Guess what we got last night?! I bet you can guess by the title of the post :) I was pretty much squealing with delight when I received them, they are all amazing!! There are a lot of pictures so I thought I would split it up into two posts. Today I am going to share with you all the one year photos and in another post I’ll share the cake smash pictures. Hope you enjoy :)

hazel 9FW

This first picture has so much meaning to it, this cheeky little drooling monkey was quite proud of herself at this moment. As you can imagine trying to get a 1 year old to sit still or stand in one spot is nearly impossible. It seemed we had mere seconds to get each and every shot. I would plop her down and run out-of-the-way and Emily would shoot like a madman trying to get the shots before Hazel crawled off of the set.  Well as we were shooting in the coral romper guess what miss monkey decided to do? She took her first steps! Right there in the middle of our photo shoot this monkey just walked right off the set! We couldn’t believe our eyes! And of course she has stopped since!

hazel 5FW

hazel 4FW

hazel 1Fw

hazel 6FW

hazel 10FW

hazel 11FW hazel 8FW

hazel 14FW

hazel 13FW

hazel 12FW

hazel 16FW

hazel 15FW

Of course when I was preparing for her photoshoot I went to some of my favorite local and a couple of not so local vendors for her outfits. So for curious minds here are a few details on the above pictures.

Of course we used Emily Leeman Photography, not only is she a great friend but I love her work so much.

Cream lace dress is from Pippy Lou Boutique - found here

Gray lace dress is from Arrow and Lace Designs – Isla Dress It is currently on sale so RUN!

Triangle leggings are from Vonbon – found here I actually brought these for her post smash outfit and Emily loved them so much so we had to shoot in them!

Love head band in the first picture is also from Arrow and Lace Designs.

Last but not least that floral crown, oh my goodness isn’t it gorgeous? The wonderful Nikki Kinowski of Jeadore sells them on her Etsy shop The Scalloped Window.

Don’t forget to check back on Friday as I will have the cake smash pictures up then!

Xo. Andria




Last month after all the voting was completed for the Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers of 2014, Vancouver Mom threw a fabulous party to celebrate all the nominees of the year.  Normally in a social situation I would bring Evan with me, it’s a no-brainer to bring your spouse as your date. Except in this case, I highly doubt any man wants to be in the same room as over 100 mom bloggers who for the most part are in committed relationships. Don’t get me wrong there were a few brave men there and I applaud them, but for me it wasn’t something I was going to force him to do.  Naturally you would assume I would have brought a friend with me instead, but no I opted to go solo. For me going solo was a big deal, I don’t normally go to ANY social event by myself. I am not one to normally throw myself out there, but if I can throw myself out there on the internet then I should be able to do it in person. Right? Seems logical to me. So I headed off to the celebration by myself, I won’t lie, I was extremely nervous. Aside from “knowing” some of the fellow bloggers online via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and their blogs, I had never met one person attending in person. Once that first sip of wine hit my lips and knowing that there were others in the same situation as I, my nerves calmed a bit.

imagesbybethany0152The evening itself was a great time, Vancouver Mom had pulled all the stops to ensure their 2014 nominees were celebrated in style. The event, Five, was appropriately named as this was the fifth year it had taken place, was held at the JAC by Jacqueline Conoir showroom in Vancouver. We sipped wine, mingled about and shopped the racks of the showroom. We were treated to a fashion show of the Summer line, 4 of the past Top 30 nominees were the models and they did a fabulous job.


Chocolate arts was there sampling chocolate and boy was it delicious!


Par-T Perfect Vancouver had a glitter tattoo station set up for us, it was super cute and would be perfect for a child’s party. They also paired up with Vairdy Photography for a glam wall. The glam wall was lots of fun and let us show off are goofy side with our new friends.


Images By Bethany was the official photographer of the night. She also took head shots for the nominees. We were all treated to make up touch ups by Skoah.


Overall I had a fabulous time at the event, the whole experience has opened so many new doors for me. In such a short time I have met so many new amazing women, some whom I have been able to create friendships with outside of the internet. It has forced me to step of my comfort zone and has shown me that there is nothing to be afraid of. I have even gone out a few more times now by myself and I am even in the process of working on hosting my very own event. I can’t wait to see what else comes my way and to spend more time getting to know all these amazing new people who have come into my life.

Xo. Andria



Wakey Wakey, What’s for breakfast?

Over the past two years I have become a regular breakfast eater, now as this is the most important meal of the day this is absolutely fabulous! Now you may ask what happened to make me suddenly eat breakfast every day, and the answer is really quit simple, I was pregnant and needed the extra nutrients of course! Ever since then I haven’t been able to go with out breakfast or I get Hangry. My go to breakfast is Greek yogurt and fresh berries and of course there are times when I indulge on things like pancakes, french toast and of course waffles! Those are usually on the weekend when Evan’s home, or when we head out to Krause Berry Farms as their waffles are AMAZING! Seriously, if you haven’t been your missing out! The waffles are made to order, drizzled in their berry syrup, topped with fresh in season berries and of course whip cream! You can find a picture of one of their waffles here.

My other go to breakfast is oatmeal, not the kind where you rip open a package and poor some hot water on it and call it a day. Homemade oatmeal, its super simple, takes about 5 minutes to make and is way better for you than the sugar loaded pre-packaged stuff. The best thing about it is you can add your own toppings and flavors to it! So here goes, my homemade oatmeal.


Take 1/3 of a cup of instant rolled oats and add 2/3 of a cup of water, then microwave on 60 for 4 minutes.


Next I add in 1 tablespoon of Chia seeds and 1 tablespoon of Hemp Hearts. You don’t have to add them in, they do not change the flavor of your oatmeal at all, they simply add many nutritional values to your oatmeal. Both are high in fiber and protein. Hemp Hearts are good source of magnesium which can help balance hormones, they also fight inflammation and help lower cholesterol. Chia seeds are a whole grain and are very high in antioxidants, they also contain lots of Omega-3s.


Next I add my toppings, my go to are fresh berries and a large dollop of  Greek Yogurt and a drizzle of honey. On some days I will sprinkle in some cinnamon and slice up a green apple. If you add the apple when your cooking the oatmeal, it softens it and gives it a nice apple pie feel – but healthy!

And there you have it, a super simple homemade oatmeal that is good for you and takes about 5 minutes to make! I hope you enjoy.

Xo. Andria

Wordless Wednesday

We have had way to much fun these past two weeks, everyday we have been out and about enjoying the sunshine. On occasion we have neglected nap time (gasp) and we have most certainly neglected the laundry, but that’s ok, we have been have fun! In saying that I am going to take a page from Little Miss Mama today and have a Wordless Wednesday and share a few of my favorite pictures from our recent adventures.


F96E56EC-1D61-400C-B5C3-E3489E9770EA_zpszi3evjrp 3CD79E50-90F9-4098-8D51-F672EC80F1F6_zpsacuu4k8l 6E2BC396-8ACC-4D8D-A5C2-80E795A27F46_zpstceavl1p 1073E293-05CD-4606-B613-38F566430505_zpsaqfmyumf BF564C10-A02E-48D8-9613-5356C0098C77_zpsxux1q8ei A119C216-0275-436E-9932-CDE8DBC08D9E_zpswijfiu76 53C38A58-662A-49CA-B9FD-CA13B1C4A58A_zps3d7s2nvb C2D4D059-A672-441A-9444-22248624CB3A_zpsvh2a0aui-1 82EB13A8-9162-4CCB-B8B3-D5B65F364422_zps4fvo1klh 3642FFE1-CBB1-4DD4-A049-3DACC9A8F105_zpsnokd6x2z D3381E05-C75E-465B-B372-24E0966AC4DE_zps5vkwndod 1DF83718-9C9D-4F74-89EB-785E1C150E25_zpsauyb3scl

Xo. Andria


Homemade Popsicles


A couple of weeks ago I shared my recent pins from Pinterest with you (post found here). I had been busy pinning away homemade Popsicle recipes, well I finally got to make some myself. We had so much left over fruit from Hazel’s birthday (post coming soon :)) So I decided to use some of it to make Popsicles so it wouldn’t all go to waste.  I picked up some containers from Superstore and kept the recipes fairly simple. So simple they are just frozen fruit and boy are they delicious! The first ones I made were strawberry-pineapple,  all I did was dump all my left over strawberries and pineapple into a bowl and used my immersion blender to puree the fruit. I then poured the puree into the Popsicle containers and froze them over night. So simple, so yummy and no added sugar! The other ones I made were watermelon, just straight up watermelon! I still have a giant container of honeydew in the fridge so I think I am going to make some honeydew Popsicles, maybe pineapple-honeydew? All I know is the first batch was a success and I can’t wait to experiment some more!

FFC5089B-6D96-4E58-8D0C-66DE8B7C2E17_zpsljjh0ukp CCD6436A-0783-4D2D-B09B-31F3A2C14CDE_zpsnujvqfpv

Xo. Andria


Off to the beach again!

And we are off to the beach again! Here are a few of our must have items when we head to the beach.


Our bkr Milk Heart Water bottle to stay hydrated

A 14 piece sand set from Costco = never ending fun

A sun hat from Carters

Sunscreen from Honest, now available in a spray!

Our Costco cooler bag of  course

Our most flattering swim suit, this one from Old Navy

Our JJ Cole Collections blanket, this blanket is amaaazing!

And of course a few of our favourite snacks :)


What are your must have items for heading to the beach? Anything we should be adding to our must haves?

Xo. Andria