1.5 – A Hazel Update


Yesterday my little girl turned 18 months. I can’t believe we are half way to our 2nd birthday already. This past year and a half has just flown by, I really wish time would just slow down.

It’s crazy how fast they change from babies to independent toddlers. While I think “no” is our favourite word, our vocabulary seems to grow each and every day. It all depends on who you ask though, some people might tell you she says everything you pull out of her kitchen is an apple. We’ve also started saying please, in addition to signing it and have thrown out a few “tak-yus” too.


We are now able to point out several different body parts, belly button still being a favourite and we can also make different animal noises. Saying moo seems to be a favourite so she received a stuffed cow for Christmas, with a family history of dairy farming, I might have been a bit biased too.


We LOVE to talk on the phone and take selfies. Her love for selfies is actually a bit terrifying. Not only does she pose and say cheese the instant I pull out my phone but she will grab fake kids phones and wander around pretending to take selfies and say cheese. I’m afraid I might have created a little bit of monster, at least I haven’t shown her how to make duck lips or whatever you call it!

Bath time is still one of our favourite times of day. We could sit in the tub playing with our toys until we turn into a prune. She also loves to pretend she’s a little fish and practice her swimming. I am going to have to sign her up for swimming lessons again soon, this girl loves the water!


While we do show some signs of toddler pickiness, on most days we love to eat. We are really good with experimenting with new foods, our new favourite is butter chicken and samosas! We love fruit, bananas are probably one of our favourite foods to eat and also one of the first words we picked up “nana’s”. Goldfish are still an all time favourite and “cookoo’s” are right up there when it comes to sweets.

We have started to show some independence when it comes to getting dressed. While we still don’t argue with mom about what we are going to wear, some days we like to attempt to put our clothes on ourselves! This usually results in shoes on the wrong feet or multiple pairs of pants being put on!


Aside from the odd growth spurt or cold, we usually sleep through the night, about 12 hours on average. This is a huge relief for us, since we both work full time. At daycare we even nap on a little cot, which has us toying with the idea of converting her crib to a toddler bed.


Over the past year and a half, Hazel has brought so much love and joy to our lives. I really don’t think I knew what love was until we had her. She is such a bundle of fun and brings nothing but happiness with her wherever she goes, it literally radiates off of her. I can’t wait to continue to watch her grow and learn over the next few years.

Xo. Andria

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