30 is the new 20 {and 20 random facts}

Well 30 is here, a day I’ve been dreading for a while. From what I’ve heard it’s not that bad, just another number, so I’m going to embrace it knowing the best is yet to come. 

I shared 20 random facts about me over on Instagram today so I thought I’d share them over here too.

1. I met Evan at the bar when I was 19 and slightly intoxicated, 10 years later and I’m still drunk in love.

2. My favourite food is homemade mac n cheese.

3. I have the biggest sweet tooth ever and craved Timbits with both pregnancies. Sour cream glazed and chocolate are my favourites.

4. I love to bake and cook but hate to clean up my mess.

5. Red wine and early grey tea are my beverages of choice. 

6. I dislike having dishes sit in the dishwasher for days on end so we rarely use ours. My current dishwasher is 6’3″, blonde hair and blue eyes 😉

7. I love to read and usually finish a book in a day or two.

8. I am terrified of heights. I get sweaty palms just looking at pictures of heights.

9. I HATE onions. I will tell people that I am allergic to them in order to avoid them.

10. I went on my first flight at age.

19. I went to Mexico with a girlfriend by ourselves. 

11. Murray is my very first pet, he will be 8 this year. He pretty much hates everyone but me.

12. I regret piercing my belly button at age 16. I currently have a giant hole that you could probably string spaghetti through!

13. 10 minutes after I had Hazel I said “That wasn’t that bad, I’d do that again.” And no I wasn’t on drugs.

14. I have 2 middle names, Lynne and Simone.

15. Both of my kids are named after family members, including their middle names.

16. I have one sibling, a younger sister.

17. My all time favourite movie is the Goonies.

18. I am a closet scrapbooker / crafter

19. During the summer I am covered in freckles, which my gramma told me are angel kisses.

20. I love a good tropical vacation and could lie in the sun all day long.

Xo. Andria 

3 thoughts on “30 is the new 20 {and 20 random facts}

  • February 2, 2016 at 3:09 pm

    I love how real and funny some of your fun facts are! I will be 30 in a year and a half and just the number scares me…. like how did i get here? wasn’t I 21 like last year

  • February 2, 2016 at 3:28 pm

    My 30’s will be here really soon too and I’m going to embrace them as best as I can!

  • February 5, 2016 at 9:40 am

    My favourite thing about this post is .. Everything. And the photo!! I’m with you on the tropical vacation!


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