5 Snow Day Family Friendly Movie Picks from Netflix {#streamteam}

Since Elsa has decided to bring back winter to BC, ok it really never left since spring doesn’t officially start until March. It’s become very clear that most of us are all still living in 2010 when the sun was out and HOT in February and aren’t ready for a second blast of snow. I mean what do we do with winter? 90% of the population doesn’t own a good pair of winter boots let alone snow tires. So in-between treks outside in my uggs to shovel the driveway we are spending the weekend on the couch and having a movie marathon Netflix style. Here is what’s on rotation in our house, our 5 Snow Day Family Friendly Movie Picks from Netflix {#streamteam}.

5 Snow Day Family Friendly Movie Picks from Netflix {#streamteam} First up on our list is Inside Out. Even though this movie came out in 2015 we have just discovered it and it’s very quickly climbed to the list of our favourites. Set around a young girls move from Minnesota to San Fransisco, and how her feelings handle the move. We all know growing up can be difficult but adding a cross country move into the mix can certainly tough, even on the bravest of souls. I dare you not to shed a tear as she overcomes her sadness and finds the silver lining in her new West Coast life.  

5 Snow Day Family Friendly Movie Picks from Netflix {#streamteam} Zootopia, another fabulous animated movie from Disney. They seem to get better overtime, and even as an adult I love watching them! In Zootopia a daring little bunny has big dreams of becoming a police officer, something you wouldn’t expect out of a cute little thing. But watch out, she’s about to take Zootopia by storm as she hunts down several missing animals.  I loved this one so much I instantly checked for a sequel, alas there was none. Here’s hoping they don’t pull a Finding Dory on us and come out with one quick!

5 Snow Day Family Friendly Movie Picks from Netflix {#streamteam}Bet you didn’t think we could forget the princess movies did you? Well classics like Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast have always been one of my favourites, Tangled as quickly risen up amongst them. Based on the classic Grimm Brothers tale of Rapunzel, Tangled follows a young girls adventure to freedom and realization of her true identity. We might watch this movie in full Rapunzel gear, while throwing our hair down the stairs for our Prince Eugene to rescue us.

5 Snow Day Family Friendly Movie Picks from Netflix {#streamteam}

Another classic Disney movie, The Aristocats, that I was so excited to find on Netflix. While the graphics are a tad bit outdated I still love watching it with Hazel. When it’s overheard that the Aristocat Kittens are set to inherit the Madames royal fortune should she pass, the butler hatches a plan to kidnap and do away with them. So cuddle up on the couch and watch as his plan goes sideways. Soon you will be waddling along with geese and singing with Scat Cat band as the kittens make their way back to Paris.


5 Snow Day Family Friendly Movie Picks from Netflix {#streamteam}

Last but not least, perhaps the best for last? We are done with the animated movies and bringing out a classic favourite. Perhaps I should have said our top 8 movies, as all three of the Back to the Future movies are on Netflix! I honestly can’t thing of a better franchise to cuddle up on the couch and binge watch as the snow falls outside. While this might be a little old for my kids, it’s one that I certainly enjoy. Follow along as Marty goes back to the Future and perhaps have a giggle at what the future was assumed to look like by now 😉


5 Snow Day Family Friendly Movie Picks from Netflix {#streamteam}


Xo. Andria

{Disclosure, we are part of the Netflix stream team and receive special perks to showcase our favourite shows to stream. As always, everything stated above is my own opinion,}

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