8 Ways to Spread Cheer with Preschoolers this Holiday Season

With the Christmas season upon us it’s safe to say our kids are definitely excited. Scratch that, it’s safe to say Hazel is excited. Anytime she sees or hears anything Christmas related she starts to shake and bounce uncontrollably. Everett on the other hand is still at the age where he hasn’t the slightest clue about what’s going on and we are praying that he doesn’t freak out when we go visit Santa this week. Hazel will gladly talk Santa’s ear off and I’m sure we will have to pry her away. 

The one downside to having Hazel be so open and accepting to the idea of Santa means that she directly relates it to getting gifts. You mention Santa and she instantly starts talking about all these gifts she wants and is going to get for Christmas. Her desire to get directly over shadows the true meaning of Christmas. While she is still very young, I would love for her to learn that Christmas isn’t about getting but about spending time with loved ones and giving back. So this Christmas I have a set a plan into action to teach her ways we can spread cheer amongst our family, friends and community. I am hoping this is something I can instil now and will be something she always remembers and wants to do. 

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8 Ways to Spread Cheer with Preschoolers this Holiday Season

1. Send some words of encouragement to a loved one in the mail. As I mentioned previously in my Christmas card post, I love getting letters and packages in the mail and I know most people can relate. There is just something special about them. A fun way to spread some cheer is to pop a little something in the mail. It could be just a Christmas card with a little letter recaping your year, a hand drawn picture from the kids or even a few pictures of the family, it’s a great way to make someones day and update distant relatives on your life. You can include your preschooler by having them draw a picture to include in the mail and have them help address and drop off the letter in the mail.

2. Drop off some baking at family and friends. This is something I’ve done almost every year since I moved out on my own. I love to bake and I love to bake more than I need or could possibly eat so I would always put together little packages to gift to friends and family. Last year was the only year I’ve skipped, as we had just moved and I definitely missed it. Just last week we made these simple nuts and bolts and now Hazel has been asking when we will start the cookies. She is so anxious to help me in the kitchen this year and loves to help decorate the cookies and package them up to drop off at friends houses! 

3. Hold the door for someone you don’t know. So simple yet quite often overlooked. As most of us have our hands full at this time of year it would be such a great gesture and good habit to get her into, of holding the door for others when entering or exiting a building. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve struggled with a door and stroller and had people just walk past me. I would hate to have her do this to someone else. 

4. Buy the person behind you in line a coffee. Another simple gesture, the act of paying it forward. Hazel is all about her hot chocolates and loves a trip to the coffee store. What better way to teach her about kindness than to buy the person behind us’s coffee too!



5.Take treats in to share with your classmates. Again super simple and something that Hazel is so excited about and she has been asking me repeatedly about.  She’s already picked out what cookies she wants to bake and how she is going to pack them up for her classmates. 

6. Shovel a neighbours driveway or sidewalk. If this winter is anything like the last we are in for a few big dumps of snow over the next few months. Last winter my husband and I were both out there taking turns shovelling the driveway and this year I will be sure to include the kids as we do so. I know they aren’t able to do much yet but they can grab their bigger sand shovels and help and we can all tackle the sidewalks across the street or even a neighbours driveway!

7. Make a charitable donation. There are several different ways one can make donations over the holiday season. With most food banks preferring cash over food items, as it goes further, its harder to teach kids the idea behind it. So this year we will be sticking to something simple and having the kids  pick out a new toy to drop off at one of the local toy drives. I want my kids to grow up knowing that giving feels even better than getting 

8. Leave a surprise at your neighbours door. This is my absolute favourite, and an idea that is very new to us. Since moving into our new neighbourhood we’ve found out various areas of the hill we live on participate in what they call frosting leading up to Christmas. Essentially you fill a basket of goodies, something to eat, a drink or too, a family game, something for the whole family to enjoy and drop it off secretly at your neighbours door. They  have now been “frosted” and in theory are to then go and frost another neighbour and hopefully by Christmas everyone should receive a gift. I love this idea as it’s fun and exciting for the whole family and it’s a great way to spread cheer amongst the neighbours. And especially for streets like ours which is just being completed, it’s a great way to get to know your neighbours.  

I am hoping by having my kids participate in a few small acts of kindness and spreading cheer that they will focus more on how they can spread cheer and spend time with loved ones over the holidays instead of focusing on getting.

How will you spread the Cheer this holiday season with your kids? Don’t forget to include picking up a specially marked box of Cheerios and sending a cheer card to Canadian athlete in your cheer plan! Visit Be The Cheer for more inspiration.

Xo. Andria

{Disclosure: I have partnered with YMC and Cheerios and have received compensation for this post. All opinions in the post are my own.}









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  • December 12, 2017 at 8:58 am

    We leave surprises at our neighbours’ doors too. Usually, it’s a little box of chocolates or cookies.


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