Hazel at 9 Months

My sweet little girl is 9 months old today. I cannot believe how fast the past 9 months have been, I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun! This month has been a big month for her, lots of firsts crawling, climbing, a tooth, solids and stairs! A week after she turned 8 months (on her actual due date) she started crawling. Evan was home to witness some of her first “steps” so that was pretty cool, especially since he works such long days and his time with her is limited. She is now motoring all over the place and there seems to be no slowing her down, not even the stairs! Yes the stairs! She noticed those a couple of days ago and any chance she gets she makes a break for them. Our place is officially gated up 🙂 This girl is a climber too, anything and everything, especially my legs, she climbs up. It took her a week or two to figure out how to get down from the standing position but we have since mastered that and are now up and down couches, chairs, gates, everything! Boy can this girl eat, she has been rocking the purees since she was 6 months old, hasn’t pushed away any food! Just this past week though she has been giving her purees the cold shoulder in favor of the real stuff. I have become the master of dicing food into itsy bitsy teeny tiny pieces and ensuring I never leave the house with out the trusted cheerios! One of her bottom center teeth is about half way up and the one beside it is just starting to cut, going to miss that gummy grin.

Every month on, or around her monthly birthday (depending on how busy we are) I take a photo of her in the rocking chair in her room. I have a monthly banner that I created and always dress her in a white onsie with a fabric flower attached to it. It is amazing to see the difference each month and it is definitely getting harder and harder to take her picture! While attempting to get at least 1 good picture, I have to attempt to grab her attention all while ensuring she does not fall out of the rocking chair. The last couple of months I have had to stuff a blanket under the feet to keep it from rocking. This month I also had to move the banner up above the chair so it was out of reach. I also had to entertain her by giving her one of her trusted elephants, needless to say I got the shot! Sometimes the candid pictures are the best, but each month I manage to get at least one picture with a big cheesy grin 🙂 On that note I will leave you with the “shot” and a few extras from our morning fun.

Xo. Andria

 photo 073E6AF1-F971-4F56-B85A-7CAAE56578CB_zpsuybwhr9f.jpg
 photo 3218AFA2-C7C0-4A8E-B9D2-D84D4B4A096E_zpsmihjyfdx.jpg
 photo AC3C4B81-B8EB-48F1-B02D-26588AFF9635_zpsibxzwq6w.jpg photo 9199DF86-F2AA-49F0-BAB1-F8772B6E2716_zpsbaqsgeco.jpg photo A7513F2D-5E4C-4D9A-BEED-6858A2F4E213_zpshcw5igdb.jpg

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