A Bulldog Halloween

What’s cuter than several English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs running around a park? How about several English and French Bulldogs running around a park wearing costumes? On Saturday we went to the Vancouver Bulldog Meetup Groups annual Halloween Bash at a local off leash dog park. To quote my mom, “It was a hoot”. There was at least 30 bulldogs running around in costumes on Sunday. I don’t even think the word chaotic quite sums it up. It was off the wall, ridiculous, an absolute gong show to say the least. We had super hero’s, airplanes, minions, Miss Piggy, lions and caterpillars, running around snorting and drooling. Here are a few of our pictures from Sunday, if you’re in the Vancouver area and have a bulldog, heck any dog, we’d love for you to join on us one of our walks.









Sorry I don’t really have any pictures of the other’s in costumes, I was too busy following my two superheros around to take pictures of others 🙂

Xo. Andria

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