A Bump Update – The Halfway Mark

As I type this out I honestly can’t believe we are already at the halfway mark of this pregnancy. I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that we are doing this one more time, call us crazy, but also that it seems like this time around everything is just flying. So let’s have a little bump update shall we.

We are officially half way to meeting baby and no one is more excited than Hazel. She is already planning things as if the baby is here and trying to figure out which things she will and will not have to share. She has already decided that she will share her hair things and dresses but the baby will have to get “her” own underwear. HA! Which leads us to the biggest debate with her, what happens if the baby is not a girl? Maybe she has really good intuition, I don’t know but she is dead set on having a sister and is refusing any thought of another brother.

This leads me to our 20 week ultra sound, which we have tomorrow, eeeek! We will be finding out the sex again, like we did with Everett, Hazel was a surprise 🙂 While I probably could wait until delivery to find out apart of me, a very large part of me is super curious. As well I would like to take the time that we have to warm Hazel up to the idea of it being a brother should that be what our future holds. So tomorrow when we go we will have the technician write it down for us so we can find out. We did a gender reveal party with Everett (see it here) and I don’t think we will be doing that this time but will probably incorporate something fun into the reveal. 

As for how I am feeling, I would say over all I am feeling pretty good now. I got hit pretty hard with morning sickness at 5 weeks and spent the majority of our summer feeling rough. I still have the odd morning where I am getting sick but those days are less and less. It’s definitely the longest I have felt sick, in the past I’ve been finished morning sickness by 12 weeks so this has thrown me for a loop.

While I do have a little belly, that literally just popped out of no where last week, I am still in that in-between phase for clothes. My pants fit, but are a bit snug and then my maternity pants are still too big, waaah. I think I will be living in dresses this pregnancy. This is also my first time dressing a bump in the winter so it’s definitely going to be a bit different. I’m hoping by February I will be able to still bend over and get my boots on as I am so used to slipping on flip flops those last few months! 

I haven’t had any wild cravings so far, I didn’t with either of the kids. I also wouldn’t say I’ve had a huge appetite, I find by the time dinner time rolls around most nights I’m not particularly hungry, I am more tired than anything. I flip and flop between salty and sweet, which is normal for me so I can’t use the old wives tale of sweet for a girl and salty for a boy. Because I have been so sick for so long I haven’t been able to stomach the taste or smell of coffee (or tea) which is really unusual for me. When I was pregnant with Hazel I could get sick and then grab a hot beverage and scone and be ok for the rest of the day but not this time around. I am just starting to indulge a bit with coffee and boy have I missed it, especially those 5am mornings with Everett. I also can’t stand that thought or smell of pizza, it makes me absolutely nauseous and I think my hate for pizza is killing my husband. 

Lastly I have felt our little bean move and kick, a lot actually. I started feeling some movements around 16 weeks and they have continued to get more frequent and most definitely stronger. I can’t wait until Hazel is able to feel them and watch my stomach move. I know it’s something she will really enjoy and something she certainly won’t remember from when Everett was in utero. She is already talking about how she is going to be a mommy one day and it’s the sweetest thing ever. 

I can’t wait to share our gender reveal with you all but for now would love to hear your guesses as to what Baby Milliard #3 is going to be! 


Xo. Andria


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