A Little Mommy and Me Time


With everything that’s been going on lately emotions have been running high in our house. It seems ever since we decided to list our house this summer the next bit was a blur. The kids were shuffled from grandparents to grandparents to give us time to clean the house, find a house, pack our house, move and clean some more. While they absolutely LOVE spending time with their grandparents it seemed that we were off loading them more than normal.

They both seem to be adjusting well to the move and the slight change to some routines. Our temporary homes layout is a bit different than our townhouse so little things like our bath time routine have to be changed up. This being said, there have been no major meltdowns with these new changes but there has been more acting out than usual. You might remember me sharing the other night how the kids were both riding the crazy train and I felt like I was drowning. It seems that one of the issues, probably the most important issue is the lack of time spent with our kids, in particularly Hazel over the last bit. With everything that has been going on, as terrible as it sounds we have just been too busy to focus any direct one on one time with her. I don’t mean in any way that she’s being neglected but between the packing, cleaning, moving, and hours spent trapped beneath a nursing Everett, she’s spent ALOT of time entertaining herself. So it’s become clear that some one on one time is much need so tonight I took her on a little mommy daughter date.


In true transparency I set up this post this afternoon, the plan was to go do some shopping, eat some pizza, watch a movie and come home and report back here on how wonderful our date was. In my mind I had it all played out that it was going to be perfect and seemed to start out that way.

We left the house giggling and listening to her favourite Beat Bugs songs to her request. We tried on hats and laughed at our selves in the mirrors of the store. We sipped fun “cocktails” while playing with pizza dough before dinner. I then attempted to reason with a toddler for over an hour that she needed to eat her dinner in order to go see the movie. This included several pep talks, three attempts at pretending to need the bathroom and one phone call to my husband as I was at my whits end. We finally finished our pizza (I could have consumed a bottle of wine in the time) and then the giggling resumed over gelato and then it was time to head over and watch our movie. Naturally we were seeing Trolls, as it was a fun and upbeat movie and I mean JT, hellooo. Even in Troll form he’s still got it 😉 We laughed and sang throughout the movie and when it was time to leave, we didn’t make a peep. We simply got into the car and before we even hit the highway to come home we were out. 

All in all it was a great a little date night with my monkey. Even with a few small hiccups we made the best of our time and I feel I need to do this more often with her. I do think that next time I am going to keep it a bit simpler and maybe just take her for coffee (hot chocolate) and do some window shopping. I would really love to get into the habit of doing this every other week or even every week. I think spending some undivided one on one time is great for both yours and the kids mental well being.

Do you take your kids on little dates and spend one on one time with them? If you do what are some of your favourite things to do? Leave me a comment I would love to hear your suggestions.


Xo. Andria


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