Alicia’s Bridal Shower

This past Sunday with the help of my mom and my sisters fiance we threw a surprise bridal shower for her. I had secretly been working on it for the past couple of weeks and was doing my best to ensure I didn’t slip up and ruin the surprise. As time with a soon to be one year old can be limited, I had slowly started decorating our place the week leading up to the shower. This way I could focus on the good stuff (all the sugary treats) the day before and not stress about decorating. My mom was in charge of the beverages and the food, while my sisters fiance supplied me with a bunch of pictures of the two and was in charge of getting her to our house on the day of without her suspecting anything. Luck was on our side on Sunday as I am in the middle of making a bird-cage veil for her up coming wedding so my sister wanted to drop off some supplies for that and asked if I would be home. When she arrived I told her to come upstairs and take a look at what I had done so far, our guests had done such a good job of parking, that she made it to the top of the stairs before she realized there was a living room full of people there to celebrate her. And that’s when the tears flowed. It was great to see her reaction, it made all the hard work I had put into all the DIY project over the past week worth it.  As my mom and I were busy taking ensuring everyone had a drink, organizing games and watching Hazel I didn’t get a chance to take pictures during the shower but I made sure I took pictures before everyone arrived 🙂 Here is a look at what I put together for my sister, she called my house a walking Pinterest board!

DSC_3125 (2)

DSC_3131 DSC_3127

The colours Alicia and Corey are using for their wedding are yellow, gray and touches of orange, so I made sure I carried that out in the shower theme. I had a handful of decorative white frames that had been painted for my wedding so I pulled those out to display pictures of them throughout the house. I purchased the letter’s and ampersand from Michaels and used Modge Podge to apply yellow polka dot card stock to them. The Tassel garland was super easy and lots of fun to create. I even threw in some saved gray strip tissue paper from Holt Renfrew 😉



My sister-in-law Erin (we celebrated her wedding shower a couple of weeks ago here) works for a floral wholesaler so any time I need flowers she’s my go to girl. She is super creative when it comes to flowers and can put together a mean arrangement. She did our wedding flowers for us and they turned out amazing. I purchased all the flowers from her and brought them home to create my own arrangements as I wanted to spread them out through out the house and use them to decorate the cake. I miss heard her when she told me how many roses I had and ended up with 50!!! Let’s just say my mom and sister both went home with flowers. I decorated our poang chair with a banner that said bride and some balloons so my sister had a dedicated chair.  I turned our dining room light fixture into a giant tissue paper flower ball. They are super easy to create and very inexpensive! If anyone is interested I will put together a tutorial on those and the tassel garland, just send me a shout out.


DSC_3149 DSC_3151

I think the cake was my favourite thing I made for the shower. My sister isn’t a huge fan of icing so I went with the trending naked cake and decorated the top with fresh flowers. I made my own glittery cake topper that said love to complete it.


DSC_3144 DSC_3139

I had set up a full desert bar on my buffet, complete with cupcakes, sugar cookies, candy and the cake. I made all desserts myself on Saturday while attempting to entertain Hazel.


DSC_3170 DSC_3208

I set up a tea bar with a few of my favourite teas from Davids Tea, as well as the usual beverages, water and wine 🙂 Mom arranged for a bunch of platters from Safeway, they are so convenient when planning events like this.


DSC_3134 DSC_3120

I organized two games for everyone  to play, the first game we played was Wedding Word Scramble, were you have to unscramble words associated with a wedding. The second game we played was guess the couple. I took pictures of celebrity couples on their wedding day (some of them are no longer together of course) and blurred out their faces. I then posted them up on our chalk board wall for everyone to guess who they were. It was a lot of fun and of course I made sure to throw a picture of Evan and I and my parents on our wedding days in there!

DSC_3187-2 (3)


I purchased the Eat Drink and be Married print from Kardz Kouture on Etsy as soon as I knew I was throwing a shower for my sister. It was so fitting and I made sure to pair it with a couple of her heart prints on the dessert buffet. We have a couple of these heart prints through out our house and they are great decor items to add to parties!


Everyone had a great time, a lot of laughs were had, a lot of snacks were consumed and overall the bride was completely surprised so I would say it was a complete success!

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