All My Bags are Packed, I’m ready to go…

While I really wish I could continue this on and say I was leaving on a jet plane, instead I find myself¬†preparing to face what I think is one of the ultimate tests of human strength, labour. That being said this song has been stuck in my head since I started packing our bags yesterday and I haven’t been able to get it out! Given that this is my second time around I can think back to our last trip to the hospital and remember what I wish I had brought and what I didn’t even need. This time I also had to remember there was one other person to pack for, Hazel. She’s got an over night bag all set to go at a moments notice as well. Here is what you can find in my bag for baby and I.


1. Flip Flops are must, not only are they the easiest thing to get on your feet at this stage of pregnancy they are super easy for when your in the hospital when you are getting in and out of the bed and walking around.

2. Comfy pjs, I found these ones at Joe Fresh. They are super soft and because they are button down, they will make nursing and skin to skin very easy. I also think with these I will do away with the dreaded hospital gown this time, I mean really they are just so awkward and you pretty much end up naked anyways!

3. Nipple Cream is probably the 2nd thing I threw in my bag. Your poor nipples take such a beating those first few days / weeks and the best thing to have is a good quality cream, like Zoe Organics, that is safe for both you and baby.

4. My phone and iPad, with chargers. Phone of course to call / text people once baby arrives and the iPad to pass time during labour and after.

5. Our camera! Birth is such an exciting time and you want to make sure you remember as much as possible, and what better way than taking pictures. A nurse snapped our first family picture last time and I can’t wait to get one of all 4 of us!

6. My own pillow, we didn’t bring these last time but we will be taking our pillows this time around. It’s a known fact hospital beds are no 5 star hotel and adding discomfort and a newborn doesn’t make the stay any better. Something as simple as your own pillow can make a huge change though.

7. Our Aden and Anais dream blanket, while this blanket isn’t huge, its meant for children, it’s going to be the perfect blanket for me and my little guy to snuggle under after he’s first born. It’s super soft and the fact that it’s not bulky is nice.

8. A couple of newborn sleepers like these ones found at Old Navy. Zippers are your best friends with a squirmy little baby, there’s nothing worse than trying to do up buttons as baby is fussing. And these sleepers have the little folds on at the wrist so you can fold them over their hands so they won’t scratch themselves.

9. Minimocs for the ride home. Hazel arrived during a heat wave here in Vancouver so she came home in the bare minimals, a onesie. This time around the weather won’t be as warm so I want to make sure our little guy is nice and cozy for his first car ride. I am also hoping he enjoys it a little more than his sister did.

10. I think a matching knotted hat and swaddle blanket by Vonbon was the first thing I threw in my bag. The organic cotton is super soft and all the patterns are pleasing to look at. I really wish I had known about them when I was preparing for Hazels arrival.

11. Our go to for most of our baby products is The Honest Company. While I don’t think I will really need any diaper cream for our new little guy, I am throwing it in the bag as a just incase, you never really know!

12. Toiletries, of course I will be bringing along the usual items like toothbrush and toothpaste, hairbrush, some makeup, body wash, etc.

13. Comfy clothes for the trip home. I’ve packed things like leggings and comfy tank tops and a sweater.

14. Snacks and beverages, last time we were off to the hospital a few weeks early and in the middle of the night, slightly unprepared you could say. We had absolutely nothing to snack on or drink and by the time Evan was able to go out and grab something it was half way through the next day. This time I have already put a few things in my bag so that we are a bit more prepared.

What are some of your hospital essentials and is there anything I should add to my bag?

Xo. Andria

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