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One thing I love about social media are the support groups . It is really neat how a group of complete strangers be it 5 or 5 thousand can come together to give each other advice, support or encouragement. It can be extremely helpful when you are pregnant, there are so many things happening to your body during and after pregnancy. Of course there are also so many things going on with baby once baby finally arrives. You may find yourself in a situation that you hadn’t read about in one of the thousand books you read to prepare yourself for everything or no one in your inner circle has had the same situation either. Where do you go when this happens? The internet of course. We can all be accused of using Dr. Google at some point. There are lots of great forums on websites such as Baby Centre or the Bump, but one of my favorite places to go is Instagram. I follow an account on Instagram called Ask The Mamas, along with over 7 thousand others. The account is run by a mom ( @mrsbrizzy) of two little boys and she receives numerous emails from all over asking questions about everything related to pregnancy, birth, toddlers and miscarriages. The emails are then posted on to Instagram, this allows others to comment on the post, offering their advice and support. The posts can be anonymous or you can have your Instagram handle posted along with a picture you submited, it’s completely up to you. The great thing about this account is you can simply scroll through all the previous posts to see if a topic has already been addressed. If you’re on Instagram and haven’t yet heard of Ask the Mamas I highly recommend checking the account out and sharing it with your other mama friends 🙂

A picture of what the Ask the Mamas Instagram account profile looks like

Just an idea of some of the topics and how they are presented on Instagram

Xo. Andria

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