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Probably the most over whelming thing for any new parent or parent to be is the task of setting up a baby registry. There are oodles upon oodles of gimmicks for babies, it seems like the list of things you NEED is never ending. There’s a chair for bouncing, one for rocking, one for sitting. A blanket for swaddling and one for burping but don’t confuse them with the one meant to hang on the crib and that baby will NEVER use (see my picture above). I will admit we too registered for lots of things we thought were essential, some we used once or twice, some we never used and some we hated the moment we used them.  While I am no professional but after having one child I do look at a baby registry a bit differently now when purchasing gifts for my family and friends. I think back to things that we used a lot or items we couldn’t live with out. I also look for items that might not be a necessity but are something that the mom wouldn’t think of, or wouldn’t purchase themselves. Welcoming a baby is a lot of work and lets face it the first few months (first year actually) is a lot of work, so here are a few of my go to shower gifts that aren’t on your baby registry.

1. Pyjamas, yes Pyjamas! The first week or two, or even 6, all depending on how your labour and delivery  goes is tiring. You are out of sorts, not sleeping lots, possibly recovering from surgery and settling into a new routine with your new little love. As you are going to be spending lots of time at home, cuddling, nursing and bonding you are going to want to be comfortable. There is no better feeling than brand new pyjamas and they don’t have to break the bank. One of our local big box grocery stores carries a whole line of clothes and they have some of the best pyjamas out there and they can be found for less than $20!


2. A restaurant gift certificate. While a nice big certificate to a fancy restaurant would be nice, what really I mean is something as simple as certificate to a local pizza place. After a week or two dad is probably back at work, and as I mentioned before the first few weeks are tiring! Nobody wants to spend a lot of time in the kitchen at the end of the day, whether your at work all day or tending too a new baby. A little gift certificate to a restaurant makes it easy for dad to grab take out on his way home or order delivery so he can come home and bond!

3. Did I mention that the first few weeks are crazy and can be exhausting? In case you missed it they are, and that’s where a gift certificate for a cleaning service comes in handy. Once again, nothing huge, not a year long service plan, but perhaps a certificate for an hour or two of cleaning. Just something to help the new parents settle into a routine for the first month or two. If you really love the new parents, instead of coming over to cuddle the baby, how about spending sometime scrubbing the bathrooms while mom and baby nap 😉


4. Sometimes the gift doesn’t need to be enjoyed right away, perhaps a couple of movie passes with a certificate for a night of babysitting? A nice simple gesture that gets mom and dad out of the house for a few hours to relax and unwind and you get the bonus of all the baby cuddles.

5. My personal favourite, a gift certificate to the spa. Let’s face it pregnancy can be hard on ones body, there is a lot of growing and changing going on. One of the best feelings during pregnancy is a massage. Just an hour of peace while someone gently massages your back thats sore and tired from carrying all the extra weight, it feels heavenly! Don’t have a huge budget for a massage, how about treating the new mom to a pedicure in her last few weeks? At this point she probably can’t see her toes and it’s always nice to have pretty feet. I had a fresh pedicure just before I went into labour and boy am I glad I did. My pretty toes ended up coming up in conversation between the doctor and the nurses and it was a great little distraction from the pain!

And there you have it a few of my go to baby shower gifts that aren’t on the registry. So before you show up at the hospital or the house with a cute little outfit perhaps think of something that mom and dad might really appreciate in the first few weeks. I mean I love baby clothes, but really your just adding to my laundry 😉 Perhaps a certificate for a couple cups of coffee or even a bottle of wine and you can come over and hold my baby any day!

Xo. Andria

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  • May 4, 2015 at 12:32 pm

    Ok, now I know what to bring to the hospital this time! 😀


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