Bath Time Essentials for Baby

Happy Monday! This week on the Maternity series we will be talking about some of my favorite bath time essentials for babies and toddlers. Bath time is a key part to a bed time routine (remember what Chelsea said about Healthy  Sleep Habits?). These items below are used daily in our house and make our bed time routine easy peasy.

Bathessentials1.  Summer Infant Baby Bather –  While we are passed this stage, Hazel hated baby bath tubs and I found myself sharing the tub with her for the first few months, to get her used to the tub. If I were to do it all over again, I would get  one of these tubs as they sit in your tub and make the transition so much easier.

2. Honest Shampoo and Bodywash – Not only is this shampoo and body wash made of natural organic ingredients, but it’s tear free and it smells amazing!

3. Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Covers – Probably one of the best invention out there. Slip this on to your bath spout and there’s no worries of your little one hitting their head on the spout!

4. Pottery Barn Kids Nursery Fur Critter Bath Wraps – Love these bath wraps for little ones, they are the perfect way to keep them warm and cozy and dry them off after a bath!

5. Safety First Gentle Care Brush – This brush is small enough for your toddler to use and soft enough to use on a newborn. We use ours everyday, Hazel loves to brush her own hair!

6. Boon Whale Pod – Have you guessed the theme to our bathroom yet? We love our whales and we love this whale pod! Say goodbye to mouldy bath time toys.  Use the pod to scoop out all the toys after each bath, rinse them off and hang them from the wall. The water will gradually drip out and your toys will be left dry!


Is there something you can’t live without when it comes to bath time? I would love to hear what your favourites are!

Xo. Andria


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