Beach Day

The weather here yesterday was amazing! It reached up to 30 degrees in some areas! I am hoping the trend continues over the next 4 months, or until I have to return to work, haha. My friend and I decided to take our two little monkeys to the beach yesterday since the weather was so nice. Her little guy is just two months older than Hazel, he just turned one today! Happy 1st Birthday Austin!! Now that they are both mobile and are able to interact with each other its fun to watch them play together. My kiddo was no stranger to the sand when we took them down to the actual beach. She wasted no time getting her hands dirty, she definitely gets that from her dad 🙂

 photo 496991D9-1837-44F5-B2C7-2C7E099577C9_zpss441m2mt.jpg
 photo 09E1EC82-2135-46D0-B71B-D373B5E56A99_zpssu6eks8x.jpg
 photo 7E5F66B4-AF6F-4ED0-BA41-B4FCACDA721F_zpsuw3gdqyj.jpg
 photo 3C9CDE95-30E8-4A6F-9E3A-E05CF9A78CAA_zps62tj1qux.jpg

Since it was so hot out we figured Hazel would not be going to sleep at her usual bed time (she is usually down by 6:30pm) so we decided to go back to the beach for a picnic dinner. It was a nice way to wind down the day, as usually when Evan gets home from work we tag team dinner and Hazels bed time routine and then by 7pm we are just sitting at home. We brought dinner for Hazel and then picked up some fish and chips for ourselves, which she helped her self to.

 photo 7F090147-9C06-4F3C-B80C-E8D608FF6EE6_zpssmki63nl.jpg photo 5B8A93AE-E972-41CF-918F-2E36580D8ACE_zpsllvobj0a.jpg
 photo 3DD6A753-9ADE-40FB-80F1-253FD1A14DEA_zpsscjmhlnq.jpg
 photo 5FD65B46-9ADE-465C-9514-52920B4503AA_zpsceaiaduq.jpg

Xo. Andria

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