Berry Picking {Wordless Wednesday}

The plan for last Sunday morning was to get up and go berry picking at Krause Berry Farms. Well neither of us set an alarm but thanks to the kids (HA!) we woke up an hour before they opened. We managed to get up and get out of the house and arrive just after opening. So glad we did as by the time we left it was a zoo! The line up for waffles was at a good 45 minutes and it was getting hotter by the second. Needless to say we picked our berries and headed home. Here are a few pictures from our visit. Hazel was trying to negotiate with me the whole time, saying she would only take pictures if she could have a berry. I have a sneaking suspicion we are entering into a no picture phase. I might just have to get creative 😉


We’ve been baking for days with all our berries and I can’t wait to share everything we’ve made with you!

Xo. Andria

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