Birthdays on Demand with Netflix #streamteam

Ask any parent out there and they are guaranteed to say birthday parties are ALOT of work. Whether they are throwing a Pinterest perfect party or heading to a local play place with a handful of rambunctious monkeys in tow, it’s a lot of work. It can also be a huge expense, especially if you opt for a venue party. 

I myself am guilty of a Pinterest party, for me I enjoy the creativeness that goes into planning each one. Not to mention that Hazel loves to help me! You can catch a few of our parties here, Hazels Big Luau, her Elsa party here and here and Everetts 1st birthday here. I promise I have this years Moana and Hot Wheels parties coming to you soon! 

Pinterest parties aside I think I might have found a new route for our future birthday parties, especially with a third child on the way. Not sure I will be able to manage three parties a year! Our friends at Netflix have swooped in to save the day for parents all over. For your childs (and my childs next party) simply let Netflix do the work by throwing a Netflix party.

Birthdays on demand with Netflix

Simply visit and select your child favourite show. There are 14 shows to choose from so you are certain please everyone! Put your party hats on, light the candles and let your child’s favourite characters wish them a very Happy Birthday! Hazel and I surprised Everett with a little belated  Netflix party the other day and it was definitely a hit!

What route do you go when it comes to throwing a birthday party for your child? Do you slave away creating a Pinterest party or do you go the indoor gym with pizza route? I’d love to hear your take on children’s birthday parties.

birthdays on demand with Netflix

birthdays on demand with netflix

birthdays on demand with netflix

birthdays on demand with netflix

Xo. Andria

{Disclosure, I am apart of the Netflix Streamteam, I receive special perks for sharing new and exciting Netflix things!}



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