From Me to You; a Blog Update

It’s been a little while now since I’ve popped on here and written out a personal post. Truth be told I find it hard to keep up with it all some days. With a growing family, that is my first priority and if anything is going to slide this is going to be the first to go and then the laundry, always the laundry next and then the floors and the baseboards… I could go on. I wanted to check in with you today and give you an update on the direction of the blog for the foreseeable future.

This site, the blog, The Cheerio Diaries, my little slice of the internet, what ever you want to call it started out as a hobby for me when Hazel was just 9 months old. I never dreamed that it would bring me to where it has today. It has taken me on many adventures, brought me new friends and opportunities that I never even imaged could happen. It’s even given me the chance to share some of this fun stuff with you guys, which is what its always been about. 

This space was started to share my journey as a mom, as a wife, a friend and just myself. Meant to share the good times along with some of the bad. Some of my struggles and of course my joys. It was also started to share some of my favourite things that I found along the way. Things that I found myself or purchased and then as I started to grow its morphed into things that have been sent to me to review or share. 

Now with growth it often at times brings on more opportunities and thats what I wanted to share today. I’ve always tried to balance out the sponsored posts with non sponsored and keep the ratio well balanced, but as I am growing I’m struggling with doing so. So what I wanted to say is while you might see a higher balance of sponsored or partnered posts what I do want you to know is that everything taken on has meaning. Any partnership or sponsored opportunity it isn’t about money, its about whether or not that item or opportunity impacts my family and I. And if it’s going to impact us there’s a pretty good chance it will impact you as well and I want to share that with you. 

So this being said I hope you continue to stick around and follow our journey. I promise to keep bring you fun and interesting content. And of course when the time is right and I have something personal burning on my mind I will continue to share it with you. I will try and add in more DIY’s or crafts like I’ve done in the past. As well as more recipes, I have a few I’ve been wanting to share but alas time has gotten the better of me. I have lots in the works for you over the next little bit and another fun giveaway coming up soon so stay tuned! And if you don’t hear from me for a while on here, always check Instagram, you’re guaranteed to find us on stories over there!

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