Bottles, A New Moms Journey to the Perfect Match

As a first-time mom, I wanted to give my baby the very best in every way possible. I desperately wanted to be able to naturally breastfeed my little guy but, unfortunately, I just couldn’t produce enough milk for him. So, I consulted with a doctor and it resulted in switching to formula.  It was a tough decision that sure weighed on me heavily for a few weeks. It turns out that one of the most important parts of switching to formula is finding the bottles that are best for your baby. There are so many options in stores, it can be more than a little overwhelming. I went through a few different brands of bottles and found that my baby was experiencing almost every negative outcome that the brand claimed to prevent!

Bottles, a New Moms Journey to the Perfect Match

The anti-colic bottles I got from other brands would make my baby cry more than normal. Some bottles would leak. One even leaked out the last few ounces of my breast milk. Cue sad music. I was pretty disappointed. After the failures, I did some more research and Philips Avent was constantly mentioned positively by other moms. Philips Avent Anti-colic, with Air-Free Vent was the highest recommended bottle, so I bought that as well as the Philips Avent Natural.

Bottles, A New Moms Journey To The Perfect Match, Philips Avent, PTPA

My baby did really well with the Philips Avent Natural, and he even started feeding faster than before! With breastfeeding I was feeding a minimum of 2 hours and once we switched to our new bottles it went down to less than thirty minutes. We started having less spit-ups and my little guy was taking longer stretches between feeds. He was finally getting full, instead of getting tired from the time and effort it took to eat.

I love that my baby has taken to each of the Philips Avents different nipple styles. The Avent Natural I believe really is best for a breastfed baby or a baby who needs that familiar shape. The Anti-colic has a squarer nipple. Both have been great, and he took to them so quickly, it’s really been fantastic. I use the natural bottles during the daytime and the Anti-colic bottles for night feeds. The Anti-Colic bottles stack better, thanks to the square lids, so they are easier to store on my nightstand, which helps with those middle of the night feeds!

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If your baby has some really bad gas issues or is colic, I would highly recommend the Philips Avent Anti-Colic bottles with the Air-Free Vent. It does mean having an extra piece to wash but, it makes all the difference. I love using the air free vent bottles on the go. When mixing formula on the go you never know if all the chunks will be gone and you may need to shake the bottle a little more than normal and the air free vent bottles really help with that. Philips Avent bottles have given me the peace of mind that a mom needs, all while giving my little guy the comfort he needs while we are out and about on adventures.

The even better news is that Philips Avent Natural have an awesome box set. The set includes bottles with two different nipple sizes for your growing baby, a bottle sanitizer, and a bottle warmer. The sanitizer takes about two minutes to sanitize your bottles. So if you happen to be out of clean bottles it can have one sanitized in a pinch! Philips Avent bottle sanitizer is easy to store and doesn’t have to take up any additional counter space that other brands often need. Space is a valuable commodity when it comes to having children! The Philips Avent bottle warmer heats up very quickly without overheating the bottles. Bonus, it fits all the Philips Avent bottle styles. It’s the perfect baby shower gift and it even comes with a bottle brush with nipple tip cleaner and a few pacifiers as well!






– Courtney 

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{Disclosure; this post is in partnership with PTPA Media and Philips Avent, all opinions stated above are our own}

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