Breastfeeding; Another Chapter Closing

As I sit here sharing my morning coffee with his cheerios and giggles, I can’t help but think of all the chapters of life that have been closing lately. One of the biggest chapters that is slowly coming to a close for me is breastfeeding. A journey that I have been on for the last six years.

Truth be told lots of chapters have been slowly closing since the day Ryerson was born, or looking back further, since he was in utero. It would mark the last time being pregnant, the last time (and most memorable) giving birth, the last time snuggling a newborn of my own. The last time watching a new baby learn to crawl and take their first steps. And my most current chapter to close, the last time  breastfeeding.

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While I have been blessed with fairly easy, uncomplicated breastfeeding journeys, Ryerson’s did start off a little different than the other two. Perhaps it was because of his hectic arrival, but it took almost six hours for him to want to latch. Whereas my other two it was almost immediate. While not on the forefront of my mind that hectic morning, it did have me questioning whether or not our journey was going to be an easy one or not. It turns out that once he was ready, he was a happy and healthy little eater and our breastfeeding journey has probably been one of my favourites.


Breastfeeding; Another Chapter Closing

As they would say third time is a charm and I feel that was absolutely true with my breastfeeding journey. The first few weeks we would lounge around in bed nursing. I had plenty of water and plates of healthy and nutritious snacks at hand. A breast pump, the Philips Avent Comfort Double Electric pump was always nearby.  In the early days it helped me relive pressure from engorgement to later on it was used to help build a tiny freezer stash for those moments I wanted to sneak away. 


The soft massage cushion feature of the Philips Avent Comfort Double Electric pump gently massaged and helped stimulate milk flow. While the double pumping feature it allowed me to reduce pumping time and spend more time snuggling.

I’ve found my breastfeeding journeys to be one of my favourite parts about my babies first year, and extending year. This is especially true with both of the boys. They both have gone on to breastfeed until around a year and half. Slowing down naturally after their first birthday and of course once they have started to eat more and more. The time spent with them nursing and cuddling is such a beautiful bonding experience, the way they look up at you and grab at your face. The way they snuggle in and more often than not fall asleep on you, it all makes it so hard to say goodbye to that chapter of life. A chapter of life that has been a huge part of my life the last six years.


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While closing the door on this chapter definitely has certain perks. I am looking forward to taking back freedom in my wardrobe and more importantly my body. Nothing is better than saying goodbye to nursing bras and their ever so annoying clasps. Saying goodbye to the what can I wear in case I need to nurse phase is going to be amazing. No longer having my chest clawed to death by ravenous beasts and certainly no more “accidental” chomps to the nipples.  

With all this being said as we make our way closer and closer to Ryerson turning a year and half I am going to enjoy these last couple of months of breastfeeding and enjoy our last few months of snuggles just him and I can have. 

Photo by Hazel; age 5



Xo. Andria

{Disclosure; this post was sponsored by PTPA Media and Philips Avent, however all opinions stated are my own.}

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