Bump Update – Oh Boy the Third Trimester

Holy smokes is time ever flying this time around! I can’t believe we are already well into our 27th week, with baby #2 and that the third trimester is just around the corner! Since it’s been a few weeks, or months since my last bump update, I thought it would be nice to update you on how everything is going 🙂


If you haven’t already heard we found out what we are expecting this time. We didn’t find out with Hazel and thought it would be fun to change it up this time. We had our detailed ultra sound back in April and had our doctor write down the gender of the baby and seal it in an envelope for us. Unlike most of our friends, we managed to keep that envelope sealed for just over a month! Yes, we went a whole month with out sneaking a peek! I would say it was probably more suspenseful finding out this way as we had the answer right under our nose! Mid May we had our immediate family and a few close friends over to find out with us, what baby #2 is going to be. I will be sharing our gender reveal pictures and party another day but for today I will confirm what some of you already know and what some of you don’t. We are super excited to be expecting a little BOY this September.


While we are excited for the baby regardless of the sex, we were both hoping to have a little boy and definitely a little bit shocked to find out it is a boy! Both of our families are made up of mostly girls so we just assumed we would end up with a house full of girls too, well I guess we were wrong! I think Hazel secretly new, we kept asking her what was inside my belly, a boy or a girl and she never would answer. Then a couple nights before our gender reveal as I was getting her ready for bed I asked her again and without skipping a beat she said brother!

I think the hardest part is coming up with a name! We have an idea or two floating around, but nothing concrete yet. Do you have any suggestions on little boy names? We keep asking Hazel and she just says “Baby Brudder” If you have any name suggestions we would love to hear them and check back soon I will be posting our gender reveal party in the next week or so!

Xo. Andria


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