{Bump Update} – The Final Countdown – Week 38



I can’t believe we are already into our 9th month! This pregnancy feels like it’s flown by, I mean it’s September next week!! Where the heck has the past year gone?  Oh right I’ve been busy working and chasing a Hurricane of a toddler around!

Since we’ve returned from vacation I’ve been pretty much ready to get this little guy out, actually I’ve been doing pretty much everything in my power to help evict him! I can’t say I’m horrible uncomfortable, just missing my sleep and I’m tired of bumping into counters and whatnot with this basketball! It probably doesn’t help that in Hazels pregnancy she was born today, 38 weeks and 4 days, which makes me super ready to meet our little boy.

Nothing much has changed since my last update at 8 months. My weight gain has been pretty steady, I’m up to 23lbs now, which is still less than what I gained with Hazel, I gained 25lbs with her. I am also measuring a bit smaller this time so the doctor said he might be a bit smaller than Hazel was, she was 8lbs even. I can’t really see myself having a smaller baby but as long as its not bigger I’m happy, haha!

We took our maternity photos at the beginning of the month, Emily made me wait until 35 weeks this time,  hoping my belly would be bigger than last time. Last pregnancy we took our pictures at 31 weeks and I had to push out my belly to make it look bigger for her, haha! I will be posting those pictures tomorrow so stay tuned!

As for being prepared for baby arrival, we are ready! Everyones bags are packed (well Ev will be packing his on the fly, like last time, lol). Hazel and Izzy are all ready to go at a moments notice and well Murray will have some extra food out for the night. Depending on how things go and what time everything goes down we might only be in the hospital for a few hours, which would be nice.  It’s so much easier to recover at home, those hospital beds are just so uncomfortable.

My last bump photo with Hazel was a selfie in a bikini that I snapped spontaneously not knowing I was going to go into labour the next day. I wanted to capture the same shot again this time just for fun and so I could compare them, so I pulled out the same bikini as last time and tried to recreate the selfie as best as I could.  The photos are not quite at the same angle, but for the most part its the same.


Here’s hoping that by next week I will be sharing our new addition with you all!

Xo. Andria



One thought on “{Bump Update} – The Final Countdown – Week 38

  • August 27, 2015 at 7:06 am

    You’re seriously the cutest little pregnant women. Love the comparison photo of the two at 38 weeks. Here’s hoping and praying little man makes his arrival soon and you have an easy going delivery.


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