Bump Update, The Final Countdown

Here it is my final bump update. I planned to do this post 2 weeks ago when I hit 36 weeks but well life got in the way. Once the craziness of Christmas subsided I quickly found myself slipping into that all to framiler third trimester fatigue. By the time the end of the day rolled around and I found myself some time to work the idea of pulling out my laptop was equally as draining and with nothing super exciting to share, I was equally unmotivated. So here we are 38 weeks, patiently / unpatiently awaiting number threes arrival and I give you my final bump update, an ode to the bump selfie. 

bump update

Hazel is still probably the most excited one in the house for the baby to arrive. Don’t get me wrong Ev and I are equally excited for a few more years of interrupted sleep, cold coffees and mayhem but her excitement is on a whole other level. She has told me several times now that she is going to do ALL THE THINGS once baby arrives so I can just relax and snuggle the baby. Her words exactly. I’d hold it to her but this would mean we would be eating toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner and no one wants that. 

bump update

Everett is slowly coming around to the idea of a baby. He happily points at my belly now and will say baby, giving it a big kiss. Here’s hoping he’s equally as accepting once his new brother arrives and he realizes he has to share mommy with another person. I do think he knows his days of being the baby are limited as he is a bit more cuddlier (and he was already my cuddle bug) and has been crawling into our bed more and more lately. 

I call this post an ode to the bump selfie, and in true third pregnancy fashion its because I feel I haven’t documented it as much as the others. I think so far I documented Everett’s pregnancy the most. The majority of my snaps this time have been mirror selfies, usually as I am ready to leave the house, because why else would I be getting dressed?! 

Just as the other two pregnancies I am 100% basketball up front. It’s rock hard 99% of the time making things like bending nearly impossible. It also makes driving difficult as I can’t turn my body as easily to see, good times. Because of this I have once again avoided wearing maternity clothes for the most part. I have wrestled with two pairs of maternity jeans and two maternity shirts but other than that I have just been mixing and matching within my regular clothes.

As for my health, once again we have been very fortunate to have a healthy and smooth pregnancy. My only health concern, which I had with Hazel was I am anemic, another reason for my exhaustion, on top of chasing two monkeys around all day. I have been taking iron supplements for this as well as trying to increase my consumption of iron rich foods. Other wise my doctor tells me I am boring when I go in for check ups which is a good thing. I also don’t understand how ones blood pressure can remain so low and even when you have kids running around the doctors room? You would think it would be sky rocketing right? I think our now weekly appointments are the kids favourites and they pretty much take over the check up, so if your local and looking for a couple of midwives, I have two in training, haha. 

As we approach the final countdown, two weeks to go!! Eek, I am not sure if I am more nervous or excited? Excited for those newborn snuggles and nervous of the thought of attempting to leave the house with three!! We still have a few things left to tackle. The babies room is 99% complete and I can’t wait to share it with you, it might be my favourite one yet out of the three rooms. But the biggest thing we have to tackle still is a name! By this time with both kids we already had names picked out or at least top contenders in Hazel’s case as we didn’t know her gender. This time around we are still stuck and we might just be leaving the hospital with a baby no name.  So any suggestions you might have are greatly appreciated!

Xo. Andria



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