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June is turning out to be a really busy month for me, lots of big events this month and lots of planning involved. Evan’s sister is getting married in August so we just had a shower for her on the weekend, my sister is getting married later this month and most importantly Hazel is turning one at the end of the month. Due to Hazel being born on the long weekend we are throwing her party the first week of July as most people are away, that being said there is still lots to do for it this month. I am returning to work the first week of July so I want to have everything organized before I go back. I am also still working on my cake making skills for her cake smash at the end of this month. Let’s just say I am knee-deep in DIY projects right now. A couple of them are top-secret and I can’t wait to share them with you.

As I mentioned we had a shower for Erin this past weekend to celebrate her upcoming wedding this August. Amber threw at her house and it was a great afternoon, filled with fun games, good food and laughter. Evan’s mom made the cutest wedding dress cake made out of cupcakes. She even used Evan’s grandma’s jewelry to decorate it! I made some sugar cookies and boy were they tedious. I hand painted all the flowers on the circle cookies, my poor hand was cramped at the end of the night. Amber made the yummiest appies for everyone and ensured our glasses were never empty, such a good hostess 😉 And of course Erin did the flowers for her shower, she does such an amazing job! I brought Hazel to the shower and boy can this girl party, she was going strong the entire time we were there, 4ish hours. I thought for sure she would pass out in the car on the ride home but nope she kept the party going! Here are some pictures from our afternoon of fun!


Hazel and Aunty Erin


Hazel and Auntie Amber


The bride and her shower hat


Her throne


Juggling babies


Hazel in her party dress from Gramma D.


Erin’s beautiful flowers


The yummy spread




The cupcake dress


My cookies


My sisters from my other mom


Hazel and I

Xo. Andria

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