Cake smash

Last month we did Hazel’s cake smash photo shoot and boy did we smash that cake! I don’t think it could have gone any better, there was no cake left at the end! As you know it was my goal to make my own cake for the shoot and I had spent several hours practicing over the past year. You can find my inspiration pins here and one of my practice cakes here.  I ended up deciding on pink butter cream rosettes for the final cake and did a slight ombre in the icing. Here is my cake:

Hazel 21FW

I had spent several hours perfecting it that morning, it even managed to survive the ride to Emily’s studio with a few near death experiences on the way and when we arrived. Nothing could come close to the damage Hazel did to this cake. She absolutely destroyed it, there was no cake left in the end, not even a slice. I think Evan was a bit disappointed that all that cake went to waste, but boy did she have fun doing it!

Hazel smash 20FW

Hazel 17FW

Hazel smash 19FW

Hazel smash 22FWHazel smash 28FWHazel smash 21FWHazel smash 27FWHazel smash 24FWHazel smash 23FWHazel smash 1FWHazel smash 26FWHazel smash 25FW

In case you missed it the rest of the photos from her one year shoot can be found here.

Xo. Andria



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