Can’t stop shaming

Yesterday morning the first thing I wanted when I got out of bed was a shower, normally I want a couple more hours of sleep and a coffee. Today was different I wanted a shower and not a okay mom you’ve been in the shower for 2 minutes are you done yet kind of shower. Two minute showers are not fun and are usually the result of mom get out I need your attention right now because

a)I’ve slammed the cupboard door on my hand
b)I didn’t realize how big my head was and I smashed it on the dresser while trying to stand
c) You can’t hold me while you’re in the shower so the world is ending

It is usually C but now that we are adventuring A and B are quickly becoming top contenders. Hazel loves her bath, she’s a water baby, my little mermaid if you will 🙂 So I thought it would be a fun idea to throw her in the bottom of the shower with her bath time Sophie. I turned the shower head so that I was crammed into the corner of the shower, made sure the water was her bath time temperature and not my usual skin scalding temperature I like, placed her in the corner out of the direct water and within 2 minutes she was having the time of her life! Wahoooo I don’t have to rush! We she was having so much fun, I even had time to shave my legs!! I know right?! I think it is safe to say I will attempt this again, I really need to go get a shower curtain for our tub/shower combo in the other bathroom as I think it will give me a bit more space (Hubby that’s your hint, we need a bigger shower 😉 love you)

You would think that my post would end there, but no the real fun happened after the shower, go figure. We get out and I wrap us both up in towels and of course I’m like “but first, let me take a selfie.” So here we are wrapped in towels, attempting to take selfies in the mirror (I know, ridiculous) and what does she do? She pees on me!!! of course she does right? I can’t complain it’s the first time this has happened in nine months, I am pretty lucky I know people (*cough* my sister in law *cough*) who are peed on daily. Alright time to get this kiddo into a diaper before she does anything else on me *shudder*, walk into her room and what is waiting for me in the middle of the room……dog pee!!! Oh Izzy, good morning to you too was exactly what was going through my head. No that’s a lie it was more like What the f$%*, I need a drink! Oh wait it’s not even 9am, oh Baileys would be so good in my coffee right now, to bad I don’t have any 🙁

So were does this leave us? With more shaming of course!!! Gosh I am on a role with the baby shaming, hubby shaming, now dog shaming, watch out Murray, you’re next!

Our chalkboard wall is coming in real handy for all these shaming!

Cheesy grin on my face, as I realize my side is quickly becoming quit warm….

Little monkey threw her Sophie into the shower and got her self high centered trying to retrieve it! Wouldn’t you agree we need a bigger shower?

Xo. Andria

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