{Cooking with Hazel} Homemade Strawberry Jam


Every summer we make sure we visit our local berry farms and spend a morning picking fresh berries. This usually results in us coming home with more berries than we can possibly handle. Of course this is on top of the ones that Hazel eats as she picks, no way around that I’m afraid. We froze half our berries after this years visit and still had more than we could handle. Aside from our usual baking, muffins, scones, mojitos, strawberry lemonade, I wanted to try something new this year, I wanted to make jam. 

So I did my research on how to make jam and came to the conclusion that it’s really easy. Like really easy. It’s basically fruit, sugar, lemon juice, heated and stored. Not only does it contain a lot of sugar,  is it is time consuming. As the fruit breakdowns you’re are constantly stirring it over heat on the stove. Of course I was game to try this but as everything goes Hazel has to help. I cannot attempt anything, especially in the kitchen, without my little helper. She loves to do just as I do, mimicking my every move. So I decided to look up other options that didn’t involve the stove and came across a really simple solution, using a jam pectin. Now some of you might cringe at the ingredients listed on the package but, its really no different than your store bought jam or artificial cheeses. It simply aids with the preserving and forming a jelly.

So after Everett was in bed and using the golden hour light on Saturday we set to work making our jam. I really have to laugh at the pictures as you can tell the sun was setting as we went and about half way through we were joined by a photo bomber behind us.

We washed, hulled and chopped just over 5 cups of strawberries. I really need to get a strawberry huller as I feel I waste so much of the berry chopping off the ends. After chopping them (it makes it a little easier on the food processor, as I only used our mini one) we used our hand held food processor to crush and puree the strawberries. Aside from me using the knife to cut the strawberries, Hazel pretty much did the rest, with a little help and of course directions. After crushing our strawberries we poured in our pectin mix and stirred it all together (approximately 3 minutes) and voila done, we had made our freezer jam. From there we simply scooped our jam into our Bernardin Jam Jars, closed the lids and they were ready to pop into the freezer to be enjoyed later. 

I think they would make the cutest little hostess gifts, perhaps paired with a little brie baker and some nice crackers. I still have some of these fun blue Embossed Jars to use. I think I might bring back some fruit from the Okanagan after our camping trip, perhaps some apricot jelly or even just some peach salsa. 

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Xo. Andria

{Disclosure, we received our jars from Bernardin to put together this post, however we would have shared it with you regardless.}

2 thoughts on “{Cooking with Hazel} Homemade Strawberry Jam

  • September 17, 2016 at 6:07 pm

    I love this. I love making homemade Strawberry Jam. It’s so much fun to do and so much tastier than store bought

  • May 22, 2019 at 7:23 pm

    My daughter and I have to try this out…we have some of our best moments in the kitchen together!


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