Five Essentials For Creating Good Sleep Habits

Creating good sleep habits is something that every parent should practice from the start. Now I’m not here to say that your newborn should be sleeping through the night by the age of 4 weeks because that’s a lie. What I am here to share with you are five things to help you down the path of creating a good sleep environment.

With three kids we have definitely learnt what works and what doesn’t work, for our kids. Now every single kid is different, even my own have been slightly different when it comes to sleeping. Hazel for instance has been a Rockstar since she was about 6 months old. Once we introduced a bedtime bottle  (try Philips Avent Natural bottles) to her instead of nursing her before bed, boom, she started sleeping through the night. Now six years later she is dead to the world once she hits her pillow. Everett, well that’s a whole other ball game. At age four we are still working on having him spend the entire night in his bed. He sleeps, but most often he prefers to sleep in our bed.

Now with Ryerson, he’s been a combination of the two. It’s taken us a while to find our groove but now that we are just over the one year mark with him I think we have all settled into a routine that works for him. Now unlike the other two one thing is very different with him. Believe it or not he is our very first baby to take a soother! This has been one of the five things that has helped us in creating good sleep habits with him.

Five Essentials For Creating Good Sleep Habits

Creating Good Sleep Habits

Create a calm sleeping environment. We chose to paint and accent all three of the kids nurseries with calming colours. We avoided anything that was overly stimulating and limited bright colours. At the end of the day toys are all tucked away. This reduces the temptation of play or the chance someone will trip over one and set off all kinds of crazy sounds, awaking the sleeping baby. You can see all three kids nurseries here, here and here

Create a flexible routine. This one I probably differ on from most parents. Nothing in life is rigid, therefore I feel you can’t insist that you stick to a rigid routine. By doing so and evolving your entire life around it, you are only setting yourself up for failure. Set a routine but be adaptive to it. There will be nights that you skip bath time, go to bed a little later than normal, rock in the chair a little longer than normal and read a few more (or less) books. Introducing your baby to adjusting I believe is key to creating good sleep habits.

Pro tip: If you know it’s going to be a late night, bring pjs with you and change baby before heading home. This will make the transition from car seat to crib smoother!

Allow noise in the house. As a new mom the thought of someone waking your baby is often the end of the world. I mean how dare the postman ring your doorbell, the baby is sleeping?! Noise is good, by creating an environment with noise you are helping your baby adjust to life around them. It isn’t quiet inside the womb so why keep it quiet at home? Vacuum during nap time, listen to music while cleaning the house during nap time, have friends over after they go to sleep, let the dog bark and the doorbell ring. Soon they will adjust and they will sleep through it all. 

Limit play in the crib. I myself am guilty of breaking this one from time and time again. The crib is probably one of the safest and easiest places for me to place Ryerson when I need a second. Hello, I gotta pee every once and a while! It’s often easy to toss a few toys in the crib and let them be knowing they are safely contained, however it can create a confusing environment for them. The crib is meant to be a place of rest and if they are continually placed in the crib with toys they will then look to it as a place of play. Use an activity centre or a pack and play during those times when you need an extra set of hands to help contain the baby safely for a minute or two.

Teach the baby to self soothe. Before we get any further let’s not confuse this with letting them cry it out for hours on end. Teaching Ryerson to self soothe has been our saving grace during this time of  creating good sleep habits. As he will take a soother we are able to place him in the crib and have him quietly soothe himself to sleep. This time around we’ve tried out the Philips Avent Soothie Snuggle  and it’s been a game changer. He can quietly play with the plush elephant while soothing himself and slowly close his eyes and drift off to lalaland. The best part is it’s 100% sterilizable. The soother is removable and so the plush toy can be machine washed and the soother can be sterilized and replaced as needed. As the soother is interchangeable it means it can grown with your child.

With the ability to add and remove a soother it could also assist with the transition to no soothers down the road. They would still have the ability to snuggle the elephant though while giving up the soother. Which would be a parenting win in my books!

Philips Avent Soothie Snuggle; Creating Good Sleep Habits

Creating Good Sleep Habits

Creating Good Sleep Habits

Creating Good Sleep Habits

Creating Good Sleep Habits

Xo. Andria

{Disclosure; this post is in partnership with Philips Avent and PTPA, however all opinions stated are my own.}

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