The Day Queen Elsa Came to Visit

The moment Hazel said she wanted a princess party for her 3rd birthday, I knew what I had to do. I had to call in reinforcements of the princess kind.  Now the thought crossed my mind to have one of our family or friends dress up as a princess but I knew that wouldn’t cut it. I needed a real life princess to join us for our party. So without hesitation I made one quick call  email to My Little Birthday Princess and just like that I had confirmation I would have a princess at my party.

Now when I say princess I really should be saying Queen, because of course I booked the Queen Bee, Queen Elsa that is for our Glam Pink Frozen party. Hazel had a pretty good idea Elsa would be joining us for her party, I mean she pretty much instructed me how it was going to be right down to the colour of lemonade we would serve. This being said I don’t think she really realized how real Elsa was going to be until she stepped out of the Elevator. That is when the real magic began.


As we were hosting Hazels birthday at Highstreet shopping Centre, I wanted to make sure Hazel still had the magical moment of greeting Elsa at the door, before sharing her with her party guests. So when I knew Elsa was due to arrive, we whisked her outside and had her wait by the elevator. The photos of our magical meet and greet do not do it justice my friends. They don’t even come close to the magic that was there when those doors parted and Hazel stood face to face to her doppelgänger. After a few moments of shock and awe, they exchanged compliments on each others outfit of choice and then Hazel took her by the hand and led her to her party. 

PicMonkey elsa


Once inside Elsa mingled with all the guests before corralling the kids for some fun. Stories were read, games were played and most of all magic happened. Elsa of course sang her infamous “Let it Go” and this is what set Elsa apart. Elsa was the real deal, she could really sing. Not only were the kids in awe of her, but the adults attending were completely blown away by her talent. 


The best part about having Elsa join us was the look of amazement and awe on Hazels face the entire time. She was just radiating with happiness and every single person in the room could pick up on her joy, it really was the sweetest thing.

Without a doubt inviting Elsa from My Little Birthday Princess was one of the best things we have done. If anything it is going to make it really hard to top next year. This being said if she wants to have another princess party I would do it again in a heartbeat.




Don’t forget to check out the rest of the party here or learn how to build a snowman here.

Xo. Andria

{Disclosure, we received special perks in exchange for sharing our time with Elsa with you. Regardless we LOVED our experience and would do it again!}

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