When Disaster Strikes; 3 Things to Have on Hand

Six years of parenting in and three kids later, I’ve learnt a lot of lessons. One of the biggest things I have learnt as a mom is that disaster can strike at any moment. From common colds, ear infections, to the every day bumps and bruises of being a kid these things happen, often without a moments notice. It might have taken me a few years and another kid to realize that these things happen, whenever, wherever but having a stocked medicine cabinet, has helped me become prepared for when disaster strikes.

I’ve been there, that mom who’s baby comes down with a fever, making that last minute dash to the store to grab something, anything to help manage it. Arriving at the store just to be overwhelmed by the decision of picking the correct product to help. All while already feeling overwhelmed with having a sick child you’re toting around. Over the next couple of years I had a handful of store dashes and hospital visits under my belt and was preparing for my second child. Slowly I felt I had a grasp of the unexpected situations that would arise. I became to understand just what I needed to have on hand should disaster strike at any given moment.

disaster strikes

Now with three kids the bumps and bruises and fevers have multiplied and theres no slowing down. So just as I keep my kitchen pantry fully stocked of the necessities, think an endless supply of Mac n Cheese and fruit snacks, there are three things I always have on hand in my medicine cabinet.

When Disaster Strikes; 3 Things to Always Have on Hand
  1. A good digital thermometer. Again another lesson learnt, I had an inexpensive thermometer to start, the readings were inaccurate and that alone can send you into a panic. My new one is both touchless and digital and it sends readings right to my phone. This helps me track the progress of a fever because it does all the tracking for me I can just worry about comforting my sickling.
  2. Bandaids. Does this one even need an explanation? And this is one of those cases were bigger is better. Our house is fully stocked with every kind of bandaid under the sun. Regular, waterproof, butterfly, clear, you name it, we have it. 
  3. Children’s AdvilSince we cover a 5 year age range I keep two different kinds on hand. I have the Advil Paediatric Drops for infants,  which provides up to 8 hours of relief for fevers and pain relief from colds, sore throat, earaches and immunization. I also keep Junior Strength Advil Chewable tablets on hand for my older two, which provides the same effective relief. 

disaster strikes

Having my medicine cupboard stock, especially having Children’s Advil on hand, allows the kids to get back to being a kid. All while saving me the stress not being prepared for the what ifs when disaster strikes.

For symptoms and tips read Surviving Your Baby’s First Year of Illnesses on SavvyMom.

Disaster strikes

disaster strikes

disaster strikes

disaster strikes

Xo. Andria

{Disclosure; This post was written in partnership with Children’s Advil, but the opinions are my own. Be sure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the label.}


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