DIY Decorative Plant Pots

I was trying to think of something cute and unique to give the two grandmas for Mothers Day. I wanted something that incorporated a memory from Hazel, especially for my mom as this is her first Mothers Day as a grandma. I saw these super cute little plant pots with footprints made to look like butterflies all over the internet. By all over the internet I mean all over Facebook, someone even posted it on my timeline and all over Pinterest.  I figured I would give them a try, I mean how hard can it be? A baby that won’t sit still and some paints, sounds like a good time 🙂 So here you go a little DIY Mothers Day (or any occasion) craft.

Butterfly Footprint Plant Pots


 I started with your regular Terracotta pot from Home Depot, they are fairly inexpensive about $6 for the pot and saucer. I had planned on spray painting it white, but as you can see above I went with gray. I figured white would get really dirty really fast and we had a bunch of leftover paint samples from when we painted Hazel’s room. I just used the sponge brush and applied two coats to the pot and saucer. I did not paint the whole inside, just the rim.


Next I picked out which paints I wanted to use for her feet. I just used the basic acrylic paints from Michaels, they are usually 3 for $1. I know they aren’t the best toxic wise but they were on her feet for about a minute and then they were completely washed off. I used 4 colours, dark pink, light pink, white and gold.


I then poured the paint onto a paper dinner plate and mixed them a bit, like above. This made for easy clean up as once I was done I could just throw out the plate and kept the paint fairly contained.


Next you need to make  sure your little helper is ready to go. I stripped her down and placed her in her highchair. I figured this was the easiest way to keep her still and to limit the amount of paint that got on her, me and the floor. You can kind of see the towel in the back ground but I had the sink prepped for a bath so we could clean up right away and I didn’t have to drag a paint covered baby through the house. She didn’t actually get any paint on her other than her feet but I was prepared to deal with the worst 🙂


Next comes the fun part, take your little toes and place them in your paint tray and then stamp your pots! You might have to drag their feet a bit through the paint to cover their feet. Hazel curled her toes up instantly making it a bit difficult. I didn’t do any tests on blank paper, I could have to practice but I didn’t want to push my luck and make her sit for too long. I did both pots at the same time (two left stamps and then two right stamps).


Next up I gave the little monkey a bath. This was her very first sink bath, I’m not sure why as we have a fairly large sink and it worked out wonderfully! Baby #2 will be getting lots of these that’s for sure 🙂

5D2127AB-D912-4AEA-A82D-951779EA1BA6_zpsenhj82uxAfter your paint dries grab a black Sharpie and draw on the rest of your butterfly. I also took some extra paint and painted on her name and the year.


And voila! My two painted pots with flowers in them all ready to go for the grandmas 🙂

Xo. Andria

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