{DIY } Easter Bunny Baskets


A few years ago I made this adorable little Easter bag for my nephew and have been waiting for a time to  make them with Hazel. I would share a picture of my first one with you but its beyond embarrassing. If you’ve got the time and want a good laugh, scroll back 1000 pictures to the start of my Instagram account and you will find it. I guarantee you’re in for a laugh, its amazing how ones style in pictures changes over the course of a few years!

Needless to say when my friends over at Essential Packaging posted a picture of all the fun Easter bunnies they had been making, I knew the time had come. I love the fact that they are located so close to us, as it makes it easy to pop in whenever I need something. It’s my go to place for gift wrapping and packaging and I have a feeling Hazel and I will be back for more crafting supplies! So with out Further ado our Easter Bunny Baskets (and chicks!):



White Kraft bags -1 per basket ( ours are from Essential Packaging)

11 x 8 1/2 felt sheets – 1 per animal  (We used 2 white and 2 yellow)

Scrap felt – for details (I used pink scraps I had for the bunnies)

Ribbon – for bows and bow ties

Google eyes – 2 per animal

Cardstock – 2 sheets (I per chick)

Scrap cardstock – for details (we used this for the chicks beaks)

Cotton balls – 1 per bunny (bunnies tails)

Pink Buttons, felt balls or brads – 1 per bunny (the bunnies nose)

You will also need scissors, glue stick, glue gun and / or sticky tape. Since I was doing this craft with Hazel I skipped the glue gun and attached everything with sticky tape.

Again as always our crafts are always up to ones imagination, you can never really go wrong when creating.


For the bunnies, I lined the front of the bag with the felt and then used the excess white for details, like the ears, feet and cheeks. I cut the pink details out of scraps and attached them on top with the sticky tape. The felt we used is just basic crafting felt from the craft store. It holds the ears up fairly well but they do flop a bit. Hazel made her basket and accented it with a pink hair bow. Since I was making one for Everett I accented with a green bow tie.


The chicks are super simple and far less detailed. This craft is more age appropriate for Hazel, as there are fewer steps. Toddlers have short attention spans! We trimmed our yellow felt into a slight oval shape and attached to our bags. We also then trimmed the top of our bags to match the oval shape. We cut our card stock into an oval shape and then cut in half to create a broken egg shape and attached to the top of our felt. We then applied our googley eyes and beaks and tada!

We also picked up some cute little cellophane bags from Essential Packaging that we will be filling with candies and cookies as we get closer to Easter. Now that we’ve made these I think they are the perfect little bags to share give to our nephews for Easter. We need to go back for two more bags so we can make 2 more . We are also currently waiting on one more addition to the family this week (fingers crossed) and don’t know yet if we need to make another bowtie or bow!

Have fun crafting everyone!

Simple DIY Easter Bunny Baskets







Xo. Andria


{Disclosure: we received the bags for our project, however everything stated above is my own opinion and we really do love shopping there.}

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