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There is something magical about Christmas, especially through the eyes of a young child. Last Christmas Hazel was only 6 months old and just starting to sit on her own. She was so busy figuring out what to do with her own fingers and toes, that she was completely oblivious to the festivities around her. This year it’s a whole other ball game. Every where we go, everything we do, she is always watching and taking everything in. It’s so much fun to watch her eyes light up, or to watch her gasp and point at something she sees. I can’t wait to watch her take everything in this Christmas. The picking and decorating of the tree, unwrapping of the presents, going to see Santa Clause in the mall and receiving phone calls from Santa.

Yes, you read that correctly, I said receiving a phone call from Santa! I heard about this a few years ago when my nephew was just born and was very excited this year that we are able to share this experience with Hazel. How fun, would it be for your child to receive their own personalized video message from the big guy in red? Well thanks to the Portable North Pole they can! The PNP (Portable North Pole) is a website service that allows you to create personalized video messages. By imputing a few big milestones your child had this past year, a couple of pictures to match they are able to generate a realistic looking video for you to share with your child.


I had so much fun creating a video for Hazel, and I could hardly wait to share it with her. For her milestones I picked simple things that I thought she would remember. I picked her birthday as one and included a picture from her cake smash. For the second option I choose the family pet and included a picture of her and Izzy. Those two have such a special bond, it just seemed fitting. As you can see from the picture above she was able to recognize herself and the special moments in the video. She was completely mesmerized by the whole thing and became very excited when she saw herself flash up on the screen. I am hoping by showing her the video a few more times and even making one of the other options that when we go to see Santa for pictures next week, she will have no fear. (fingers crossed).

Not only have I been anxiously awaiting sharing this fun with Hazel but I have been dying to share it with you guys too! It’s such a fun experience and I believe it instills a bit more magic in the holiday season. Far to often kids are losing belief and growing up to fast, it’s always nice to hold on to the magic for as long as we can. This being said PNP has offered all of my readers a 20% off discount code for any products they purchase on the PNP website.

To receive the 20% off your purchase, enter the code BLG20BKP  at check out.

I hope you have fun creating videos for your little ones, please feel free to share your experiences in the comments below. I would love to hear how your munchkins reacted to having Santa call them.

Xo. Andria



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