Easter Baskets; 10 Non-Chocolate Ideas

Easter is upon us, as Hazel politely informed me at dinner last night, it’s only 5 sleeps away. I truly didn’t realize that this was something that the kids would start counting down to each year. Who am I kidding they are my kids and I love chocolate. Even though they  we are huge chocolate lovers in this house I tend to keep their Easter baskets almost chocolate free, filling them with small gifts instead.

Now please don’t get my wrong, I know Easter isn’t about chocolate or the reason there is a holiday in the first place. We however aren’t a religious family, so for us it is all about the Easter bunny, having fun filling our Easter baskets during the egg hunt and of course spending time with our family. 

easter basket ideas

Shop my 10 Non-Chocolate Easter Basket Ideas here.

We are blessed with kids who are truly very good eaters. Again don’t get me wrong they aren’t perfect eaters but they aren’t overly picky either. They eat 99% of the things that I cook for them, including their vegetables and very rarely raise a stink at the dinner table. So when it comes to having chocolate or sugary treats I’m not overly opposed to it. I know that my kids eat very well balanced diets and are getting all their essential nutrients on a regular basis. 

However I do notice, as most due, around Halloween and Easter it becomes over abundant. After a few days of constant consuming at any chance they are given they just tend to forget about it. I usually at the point start tucking it away and it comes out as treats to share with their friends while they are outside. Or in some cases something to curb an late night cravings I might have while they are in bed. 

DIY Easter Bunny Baskets

So when it comes to Easter I really like to limit the amount of chocolate or candy I …err the Easter bunny.. is leaving for them. I prefer to get them a really nice piece of chocolate like their favourite Peanut Butter treats from Purdys. I then fill up a few plastic eggs with chocolate foil eggs or mini eggs for scattering around the house. 

For each kid I then hide an Easter Basket filled with a few new toys for the spring. I fill it with things they will get a little more use out of than a five minute sugar rush followed by a meltdown. I don’t go overly crazy either with what I put in. I try and keep it to just a couple of items that are around $5 each, and the majority of the items are a $1 or $2 each. Think bubble wands, stickers, chalk, cars, etc.

Easter Baskets; 10 Non Chocolate Ideas

easter baskets

  1.  Bath toys
  2. Colouring book and crayons
  3. Bubble Wands 
  4. Side walk chalk
  5. Water bottles
  6. Play-Doh
  7. Lego
  8. Books
  9. Crafting Kit 
  10. Mattel Board games or card games

To make it super easy for you I have gone and linked all of the above items in my Amazon shop. You can visit it here: The Cheerio Diaries Online shop. (Now in full disclosure if you do shop from it I will get a tiny kick back for recommending your purchase.) If you prefer to shop in person almost all of these items are available at local stores like Walmart or Superstore. I’ve also recently discovered that Winners or Homesense usually has a great selection of Melissa and Doug toys at a great prices too!

Happy Easter hunting Everyone!

Simple Birds Nest Cookies

easter baskets

Xo. Andria

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