Emergency Delivery Kit; 6 Things to Keep in Your Car

I filed this one under DIY, because well sometimes you have to do it yourself. A lesson we learned all to well with Ryerson’s birth. If you haven’t yet read his birth story, you can read it here. If you have you know what I am talking about. Here are 6 things to keep in your car while pregnant, because you just never know when you will need an emergency delivery kit.


Emergency Delivery Kit 6 Things to Keep in Your Car

1. A charger for your phone. Of course we all know that using the phone while driving is a big no, no, I highly recommend charging your phone while driving. You never know when you might need to call for assistance, whether it be roadside assistance or assistance from emergency personal. Having your phone charged while out and about is something I highly encourage with you’re pregnant or not, but more importantly while you’re pregnant.

2. Towels. Should the chance you go into labour while out having 1-2 towels in your car will not only help limit any mess you should make, especially if your water breaks in the car. They can also be used to keep baby and you warm.

3. Blanket. This one is fairly self explanatory. Should you deliver your baby before help arrives like in my case, you will need something to keep the baby warm. By having a blanket or two on hand you can quickly wrap them up to preserve body heat. If you have another one on hand, wrap yourself and baby in it to keep both of you warm.

4. Safety Pin. When the operator told us to find a safety pin this had us questioning the use. Use the safety pin to keep the blanket around the baby in place, This limits the worry of it unwrapping and precious body heat escaping. You need to keep that baby warm! Since these are fairly small its easy to keep a couple in your car at all times. Tuck them in with your spare change or in with your first aid kit.

5. Shoe Lace. So often we find ourselves out in shoes with out laces these days, I mean myself I think I only own one pair with laces and not to mention the summer time when it’s flipflop city. Keeping a shoe lace stashed will allow you to tie off the umbilical cord again should you be waiting the assistance of first responders. 

6. Plastic Bag. Perhaps keeping a handful of these in your car would be a great idea. I could think a number of reasons to keep them for daily use and while I would prefer to use reusable bags sometimes having disposable on hand is better. Once first responders arrive you’re going to want somewhere to put those dirty clothes, towels etc. I can guarantee you won’t want to just throw them on the back seat. Place them into the bags and when you get home you can decide whats worth keeping and cleaning and what will be chucked. The most important use for the plastic bag would be to preserve your placenta. Should it deliver before help arrives again you are going to want to keep it safe. Even if it’s still attached to the baby, pick it up, place it in a bag and keep it close to the baby. Having it set aside will limit its contamination so one help arrives they can inspect it to ensure it is still fully intact.

Emergency Delivery Kit 6 Things to Keep in Your Car

While no one ever plans on delivering in their car you just really never know when things are going to go sideways. Ours being the perfect example. A few of these are items the dispatch told us to gather and a few are items I’ve added on my own after being in that situation. I would highly recommend gathering these items and putting together a small emergency delivery kit to keep in the trunk of your car while pregnant. Perhaps add in a water bottle and a granola bar for a post “workout” snack. This is the one time when your emergency kit band aids just aren’t going to cut it. 

Xo. Andria

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