10 Things to Pack Before You Hit The Road

Ever since giving birth to Ryerson in the car, my need for being prepared for emergencies has heightened. It really set the tone for mothering three children, you never really know when situations will arise. It’s always best to be prepared for the what ifs. These days there’s hardly a day I leave the house without some sort of emergency kit.

While I always have a basic emergency kit in my car, when it comes to day trips or overnighters I always make sure to pack my emergency kit. As a mom of young kids I know that it sometimes takes more than a usual emergency kit to make it through some of the situations life throws at us.

This being said, sometimes the emergencies aren’t always bad. It also means being prepared for impromptu fun. Like heading to the park after the grocery store or post ice cream cone clean up. So it’s always best to be prepared for everything.

10 Things to Pack Before You Hit The Road

Blanket – For last minute picnics or trips to the park, I always have a blanket on hand in the car. My favourite kind are ones that roll up real small and have a waterproof lining in the bottom. I keep one in my car with my emergency kit and spare tire.

Sun protection – You never know when a grocery store run is going to turn into a quick trip to the park to let the kids run the crazies out post shopping. Keeping extra hats and sunscreen on hand for last minute decisions is key.

Extra clothes – I usually only carry extra outfits for Ryerson but during the summer throwing in extra undies or even swimsuits is always a great idea.

Snacks – I keep an extra stash in my car at all times. With traffic on the highway or construction sometimes you find yourself sitting in the car a little longer than normal. Having snacks in arms reach for your little passengers is a win.

Wipes – Give me all the wipes. From bum changes to sticky ice cream fingers these are a necessity that moms will be using long after they change their last bum.

My Emergency Kit – What I Pack Before Day Trips

emergency kit

Bug spray and ointment – A must, especially during the summer months when out adventuring, especially if headed to the lake.

Aloe – Even while covered head to toe in sunscreen and protective clothing sun burns can be sneaky. Especially when around reflective surfaces like sand and water. Having aloe on hand to soothe and rejuvenate skin after a long day in the sun is a must!

An everything balm – Having a multipurpose balm on hand is key. It limits the amount of things you need to bring along while helping with everything from diaper rash, cuts and scrapes to chapped lips.

Bandaids – All of the bandaids. Waterproof, regular, clear, butterfly, you name them you want them.

Children’s Advil – I keep both Pediatric drops for Ryerson and chewables on hand for the bigger two. From ear aches to fevers, these things arise without a moment’s notice and Children’s Advil can help manage the pain so the kids can continue on and enjoy their fun.

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emergency kit

emergency kit

emergency kit

emergency kit

Xo. Andria

{Disclosure; Disclosure; This post was written in partnership with Children’s Advil, but the opinions are my own. Be sure this product is right for your kids, always read and follow the label.}

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