Everett {10 months}


I feel like a broken record when I say I can’t believe how fast time is flying by, but seriously is it ever! This past Friday Everett hit double digits, turning 10 months! This means we are only 2 months away from the dreaded one year, ugh, and even closer to returning to work, double ugh. The positives out weight way the negatives though and our list of accomplishments is about a mile long. I quickly flipped back to Hazels 10 month and 11 month posts before writing this and it seems that Everett’s 10 month is a good combination of the two!

As of this month we finally have our first two teeth. Yaaaaaay! We have been waiting for these bottom two to pop through forever and they are finally here. I know this doesn’t mean our teething journey is anywhere near being over and that we have many more sleepless nights ahead of us, but I am so glad to see though two little white teeth. 

Our appetite is through the roof! This little guy isn’t even a year old and I already feel like he is eating us out of house and home. Mealtimes are his favourite time of day, as soon as I pull out his EzPz matt he starts shaking and squealing with delight. If I don’t give the food to him fast enough my little 17 lb monkey turns into the Incredible Hulk! He will eat pretty much anything and everything, we have yet to find anything he really dislikes. We have done baby led weaning I guess you could say, no real rhyme or reason, I just chop up whatever we are eating and he eats it too. 

We have been “walking” for well over a month now. I use the term “walking” lightly as its more like furniture cruising, however we use everything in our sight to get around. In particular two little stools from a kids table we have. He uses these as walkers and to get around the main floor faster than walking. Its pretty funny to see him maneuver them around the room. He actually sits down and flips them over to change directions. And when I say he uses them to walk, I should say run, because boy does he go fast! We’ve also mastered the stairs and if we aren’t quick enough he will take off if he discovers they are unattended. We always know when this happens as it gets really quiet, real quick. 

We are quite the chatter bug these days. We love to talk and sing, especially when we are happy. I think this is a trait he picked up from Evan, as his mom always says he used to sing in his crib. We have been able to say “mama” and “dada” for a while now, but we have officially added another word to our vocabulary. Is first official word other than mama and dada is none other than our four legged bff, Izzy. It is super cute when he says it, but he loves her so much, just as Hazel did, so it’s understandable that is one of his first words. 

I can’t wait to see what our little adventurer gets up to over the next two months. All I know is I am looking forward to many more days fishing sand out of his mouth and chasing him around.





{ps, these pictures are nearly impossible to take these days. Not taking them any more is probably the only thing I am looking forward to about him turning 1. And we are also STILL in our same 3 month onesie from Carters!}

Xo. Andria


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