Everett {3 months}


I cannot believe our sweet little babe is already 3 months! It really does feel like just yesterday I was impatiently stuffing my face with mini donuts pacing the PNE on my due date, trying to walk him out! I should have known by how he took his sweet time to meet us {a whole two days late, I know, I know, that’s nothing} that he would be so laid back in life. I skipped the two month update as not much had changed from the first month but there has been so many changes in month three that I thought I would fill you in.

E is my dream boat. I seriously think he might be the best baby out there. He is just so laid back and relaxed, he truly is a dream. Hazel was a great baby too, don’t get me wrong, we had zero issues and she slept pretty good. But pretty good is nothing compared to Everett. As soon as 2 months hit this little guy was sleeping 10-12 hours a night on average. And I mean through the night, we are not up once for a feed! This was a huge shock to me as Hazel was up once a night until about 6 months. The only down fall is Hazel is up at like 6:30 each morning, so I’m ready for a nap by the time E wakes up, haha! We also had our first nap in our crib today and we are hoping to spend our first night in the crib too. {fingers crossed everyone} I would love to keep him in our room in the bassinet longer but he is getting to long for it, and wakes up each morning with his head jammed against the top.

Speaking of long, he is my little string bean. Long and lean, that’s for sure. We are almost too long for our 0-3 month sleepers but are no were near filling out the body. We are also just about outgrown of our first pair of mocs. They are itty bitty and I don’t think I will ever be able to get rid of them.

We are cooing and talking like crazy. Every once and a while we let out a little giggle or shriek. We especially like to laugh at our sister, because she is so silly. It is really neat to see the bond between him and Hazel start to form. They love each other so much. I can’t wait to see all the things {good and bad} she teaches him. I think he will be walking sooner than she was as he will be trying to keep up with her!

We can hold our neck up all on our own, its crazy how strong we are. We had our first bounce in the Jolly Jumper the other day and we loved it! We will be spending lots of time in it soon, it’s a great way for me to get small tasks like laundry or bath room cleaning done. As I just pop it on the door frame and away he goes.

We know who mommy, daddy and Hazel are and we get the biggest smiles. So does the back of my phone, the black and white polka dots are great for catching his attention. His smiles are seriously the best and each month they are getting bigger and bigger.

I feel like we are so close to rolling. Hazel never rolled so I am excited to see if he will. He gets his body twisted and is on the verge so I think it will happen soon.

We are loving all of our new firsts with Everett. It is just as exciting the second time around and can’t wait to watch him grow and discover new things. I have a feeling my two little monkeys are going to keep us very busy over the next few years.






It might be blurry but it shows just how much love they already have for each other <3


Xo. Andria


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