Everett {4 months}


I know I said I wasn’t going to post about E every month, but he’s just so yummy, I can’t help myself. You might have noticed now that every month I have been taking the same photo of him. This is quit the trend these days and something I did with Hazel as well, you can see all her photos here. I really love the idea as the first year goes by so quickly and its fun to look back and see the changes through the first year. I find that by keeping the outfit simple, like the white onsie, you really focus on the baby.

As I’ve mentioned before Everett is our little dream baby. He is sleeping lots, eating lots, and is generally very calm. His most fussy moments are when he’s tired and hungry, kinda like his mom and dad. I’ve never really been set on routines but he is a routine baby. As soon as I pull out his sleep sack at night this guy is all smiles and can’t wait to get into his crib. It’s amazing! He’s been getting into a routine of going to bed at the same time as his sister which means that Evan and I are slowly getting our evenings back. Yay for more time to do the dishes and get to bed at a reasonable hour, ha!

I am pretty sure he is going to have abs of steel, all he does is try and sit up when he is in his bouncer. I’ve tried putting him in the bumbo several times since he’s been trying but it puts to much pressure on his little tummy and he instantly gets sick.

He coos like crazy and I love hearing his little voice. I could sit and talk with him all day, its the sweetest thing. I am going to enjoy all the babbling for as long as I can, as it won’t be long before he says “What the eff mommy, you made a big mess.” like his sister.

We are working hard on some teeth right now. We are drooling like crazy, thank goodness for cute bibs these days. This being said we have recently learnt how to pick up some toys and everything is going straight to the mouth of course.

I could go on and on but instead I will just flood you with cuteness. Here are a few photos from our little photo shoot. We weren’t really having it this month as we had our shots that morning and were a bit fussy, but we managed to get a few good ones 🙂






Xo. Andria





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