Everett {8 months}


I am still in utter shock that our little guy is already 8 months old. It really does seem to go by faster the second time around. I feel like I just posted that we were 6 months old, but here I am two months later and inching closer and closer to that first birthday. 

I think our days of worrying over weight gain are long gone. Everett seems to be growing like a weed these days. No real baby rolls, but definitely growing. I have no idea how much he weighs, I don’t really focus on that for any of us, as long as we are all happy, healthy and thriving that’s all that matters! We will find out how much he weighs next month when we go for his 9 month check up. 

While I am still nursing him, this kid sure does love his food. We have yet to find something he doesn’t like.  I swear he will eat anything. We’ve pretty much skipped the purees and for most meals he just eats whatever we are eating. I will just mush it up a bit or cut it down into pieces I know he can chew without choking on. I honestly don’t know how this kid doesn’t have rolls, he likes to eat that much! You can’t eat anything around him with out him giving you the evil eyes and wanting a bite. 

We still don’t have any teeth, but I believe they are really close. He has been super fussy the last few days. Fussy to the point where we can’t put him down and he’s screaming and tugging on his ears, so I think they are close. Until then I will happily take any tips or advice on how to keep him happy. He is not handling it very well (I don’t blame him) and would love to provide him with some comfort. So send me your remedies (and by remedies I mean wine!)

Aside from teething he is still a super happy baby. He is always fairly content and is just happy to be around others. He absolutely loves Hazel and could just spend hours staring (and of course laughing) at her. The giggles that come out of him when he is with her, are some of the best sounds I’ve ever heard.

Just pure sweet joy, it’s the best.

Everett has been scooting across the floor for a few weeks now. Using his legs to pivot and turn in different directions, slowly getting him from one spot to another. Just this week though he has started crawling! It’s the same crawl Hazel did, up on one leg and dragging the other behind. I am still not sure whether I should be celebrating or crying at this point. I think it won’t be long before I really am chasing after both of them. 





Xo. Andria


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