Everett is {ONE}


My mama heart is full of emotion as I write this. I can’t believe we are already here, my baby is officially one. I feel as though this past year went flying past, just about as fast as he was born, and that my friends was quick! 

Our sweet little boy is the biggest cuddle bug I know. He loves to snuggle and on most days doesn’t let me put him down for long. This includes the night time too. He gave us a brief period of sleeping through the night from two months to four months but since then we have yet to receive any sleep in our house. He does a decent stretch, usually from 8pm to around 2 am and then from there he likes to join us and snuggle up nice and close. And then he proceeds to turn like a clock and usually ends up kicking Ev in the face, ha!

I don’t know how we did it but we are still nursing as well. Because he slept so well from two months to four months my milk production seemed to drop but we managed to kick it back up and have been nursing steady ever since. I would like to start introducing him to milk over the next few months, I have a feeling it will be in a sippy cup though as he isn’t a huge fan of bottles. On top of nursing he eats like crazy. On most days he will eat just as much if not more than Hazel! It’s absolutely insane. We went with more of a baby led approach this time, giving him exactly what we are eating just sliced and diced into smaller pieces. He has yet to meet a food he doesn’t like, no lie, this kid loves everything!! Fingers crossed this sticks well into toddlerhood.

We currently have six teeth, four are fully in and two are just starting to poke through. It also  looks like we have a few others just waiting to make their appearance. He received his first two bottom teeth at ten months, just like Hazel and the top two were quick to follow suit. 

Two days before we turned eleven months we took our first steps and we haven’t slowed down yet. He very rarely sits still these days and can usually be found running from one place to the next. Its made taking pictures of him rather difficult these days. Most days all I get is a blurry shot of him moving and thats about it. I would say my monthly photos  this time around were more of a challenge, and trying to keep Hazel still in a rocking chair was actually a lot easier. And now I will leave you with all twelve months of Everett.













xo. Andria



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