Everett’s Newborn photos

Everett take 2 1

I am so excited to finally share Everett’s newborn pictures with you! I’ve actually had them for a while now, I’ve just been holding them back 🙂 It’s always so much fun to shoot with Emily and watch her take the teeny tiny little babies and make them look like absolute angels. That being said this little dude was no angel at his 1st shoot. That’s right we had to have two shoots to get some pictures! We were all set and ready to go on the Saturday after he was born but E was just not having it. Poor Emily tried and tried but he just wouldn’t all asleep, not to mention Hurricane Hazel was also not cooperating when it came to the family photos. We did manage to get a few pictures during the first session but thankfully Emily loves us so much and we had a second shoot the next week to try again. The first shoot was when E was 5 days old and the second was when he was 10 days old. I won’t tell you which pictures are from which day, I’ll let you try and guess as to which ones are which.

Everett 13

Everett 25

Everett 19

Everett 17

Everett 16

Everett 14

Everett 10

Everett 8

Everett 6

Everett 1

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