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When we purchased our home a few years ago we made sure to purchase something with three bedrooms. The last thing we wanted to do was buy something we would hopefully grow out of within a couple of years. We were already expecting Hazel and wanted to have a second child within a few years so 3 bedrooms was a must. We set up the nursery in the smaller of the two spare rooms and the plan was once we were expecting baby number two, move child number one over to the bigger of the two rooms. (See Hazels big girl room for that post) We painted the room a light gray (Pewter Mug by Behr) and purchased white furniture for the room. We picked out gender neutral bedding from Pottery Barn Kids,  keeping everything easily transferable between boy and girl. Once it was all finished it was nice and cozy, it was the perfect room for our new baby to be. You can see the completed nursery here. Fast forward two years we are now expecting baby #2 and we have completed Hazels new room and moved her over. At this point I spent some time in the nursery taking it all in. It still looked great but it needed a change. The room still felt like Hazels room, I wanted it to feel like baby #2 had its own room and not Hazels leftovers. So away I went pinning away boys nursery inspirations. I wanted to give it a change with out gutting it completely.


The first change we made was taking down the gallery wall above the crib and painting some rugby stripes as an accent wall. My original plan was to put his name up on the wall above the crib. I started searching the internet but just wasn’t finding anything I liked. While roaming Home Sense a few weeks before E was born I found this metallic E on the shelves, this was it! I took it home and showed it to Ev, he approved so I tucked it away for the time being. The plan was to paint it navy and hang it above the crib but I wanted to wait until he was born and we were 100% sure of his name and that he was a HE before we proceeded. After he was born and the name was official I painted it with navy chalk paint.

Next I swapped out the white curtains for some navy ones, I wanted to give the room a bit more of a boyish feel and less gender neutral.

After that the next thing to was the change table. This was the biggest mistake with baby #1! After using one for Hazels first two years I feel they are a complete waste. Once your child is mobile they are just going to grab everything they can from it and toss it about the room. I sold the change table on craigslist (haha suckers) and replaced it with a bookshelf. My thoughts behind this is it will grow with him. For now I can place his keepsakes and books on it and as he gets older we can fill it with more of his toys and books.

We purchased a larger dresser, getting rid of the smaller one that Hazel used. This allowed for more space for diapers and what not. We removed the shelves above the dresser and replaced them with a fun gallery wall.

That was all we really did to change up the room for E. Just a few small changes and of course some boyish touches. The room feels and looks completely different when we are in it. Something as simple as the rugby stripes (the added white) seems to make the room just that much brighter. The room was been completed for just over two months now and I am still loving it and hope he does as he grows.











Xo. Andria


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