Toddler Girl Fall Fashion

With the cooler weather quickly approaching us I am slowly preparing to say goodbye to all of Hazels summer dresses and rompers. We’ve had a lot of fun exploring and lounging at the beach in all her cute little outfits. It’s sad to think that most of these outfits will not fit her again next summer and that every couple of months I have to revamp her closet as she’s outgrowing things so quickly.

The best part about shopping for her is there are many stores that sell affordable clothing so you don’t have to break the bank with every growth spurt. One of my favorite places to shop for her is Superstore, they are killing it with their Joe Fresh line. I was able to snag half a dozen tops for her during their recent clearance sale and they were each $1.75!!! How can you go wrong with that price? They have recently started bringing their fall 2014 line into the stores and I think it’s some of their best stuff yet. I thought I would put together a montage of my favorite fall pieces for toddler girls, everything bellow can be found at Joe Fresh and is a mixture of toddler clothing and baby clothing.

Fall toddler

How about those little fringe boots? Now if only I can find a pair in my size 🙂


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