Family Fun at the Zoo Creating for Conservation


This past Saturday we headed to the Greater Vancouver Zoo for an afternoon of fun. While we have been to the zoo numerous times (here and here) there are three things we have yet to accomplish while there and on this visit we were able to cross two out of the three off. 

The first item to cross off our zoo to do list was to ride our bikes at the zoo. Now when I say ride our bikes, I mean have a child that can ride their bike while we walk. This is something that Evan and I have been counting down to accomplishing since our first visit to the zoo, when I was 8 months pregnant with Hazel. While Hazel has just learnt how to ride her bike this past week (more on that later) she had enough skills to get her around the park. With fun obstacles such as train tracks, gravel and little hills through out the park, it makes for the perfect place for one to practice their skills without the worry of vehicle traffic. It also makes the longer stretches between animals a bit more fun.


The second item to cross off our list was watching the lion feeding. We have known forever that the feeding takes place at 1pm everyday except Wednesdays ( I was actually supposed to take the kids on Wednesday but thanks to my cold we postponed our visit) but have never been in the park at the right time. Well we lucked out on Saturday as we arrived around noon, which meant we would be there for the feeding! We wandered around for a bit and then made our way back to watch the lions eat. Next time I think will make sure we arrive at the feeding spot a bit earlier so we can secure a seat on the main benches as they fill up fast. We were able to stand close by though and the experience was neat. The lions and tigers, or the “kitties” as I refer to them are my favourite animals at the zoo. They are just such beautiful animals and it was neat to watch them pace back and forth in anticipation of their meal. We were eager to see how they fed the lions and it truly is an art form. They throw the meat out to the felines far enough away from Boomer (the lion) so there is no worry of a territorial attack. Then they take Boomers meat, in this case steak, and place it on an antler and feed it to him through the fence. The antler acts as a large utensil you could say, that is not only safe for Boomer but keeps the zoo keepers fingers safe. I managed to share a bit on snapchat, its long gone on the app now but I saved the videos to share with you.

The last thing we have yet to cross off our list is a ride on the train. We missed it on this visit as it was full until much after we were ready to leave. I think we will have to save it for a day when we arrive first thing in the morning. I’m sure it won’t be long before we are back, as its always a great few hours of family fun and the best part is it’s open year round!


Calling all Lego lovers and Zoo enthusiasts! If you are thinking of heading to the Zoo anytime soon, I highly recommend going on Saturday July 30th and attending their Creating for Conservation event. They are encouraging all visitors to purchase tickets and bring in a Lego Sculpture showcasing conservation efforts. $10 from all tickets will go to the zoos conservation efforts, entry to the zoo and $5 in Trader Bucks to use at Toy Traders. All Lego sculptures are to be dropped off between 8:30 and 11:30 am and prizes will be awarded after. Head on over to the event page to purchase tickets and the full contest rules.







{The Elks tongue, it kills me}

Xo. Andria

{Disclosure, Hazel and I did receive complimentary entry to the zoo in order to share this post with you,  it is truly one of our favourite family activities in the Fraser Valley}

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