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As you may remember back in May, Evan and I hosted a gender reveal party at our house to find out the gender of baby #2 was. We never found out what we were having with Hazel, leaving the big surprise until the moment she was born. We hummed and hawed about finding out this time and ultimately decided we would. You sometimes hear about how the second child gets a bit overlooked as the parents have been there done that, so for us this was our way of celebrating our second little bundle.

Party planning and oh do we ever wonder who you are, the suspense is killing me! #genderreveal #boyorgirl #kardzkouture

I had ordered a print from Kardz Kouture a little while before, that I was planning on putting into the babies room. I loved it so much that I contacted Jessica and asked her if she could make us some custom invites to match. From there I set about planning our party around the invites, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, how we wonder who you are. Silver, with touches of pinks and blue were the way to go!


We actually had our detailed ultra sound back in April but with a trip to Disneyland and Mothers Day, there was no time to do the reveal until the May long weekend. At my check up following our ultrasound I had my doctor write down what baby #2 was and seal the results in an envelope. That envelope sat in my kitchen for a whole MONTH untouched. Not even once did I get the urge to sneak a peek! A few days before our reveal I handed over the envelope to a friend, along with two bags of homemade confetti, one pink and one blue. Upon tearing open the envelope (I think the suspense was killing her more than us!) she ever so nicely filled a giant black balloon with the appropriate colour and we took the balloon to our local party store to have it filled with helium. Her and I are very like minded, she actually kept the envelope in perfect shape, and returned it to me along with our doctors note at the end of the party. I didn’t even think of keeping this until it was returned to me and its such a sweet little momentum we can add to #2s baby book.

That weekend Evan and I got to work, decorating our home for our gender reveal. We placed touches of pinks and blue in some of our favourite baby items we had purchased from local shops around the main floor. There was plenty of food to go around for everyone and the both of us were busy chatting with our guests and making sure food and drinks were filled.












I think the only time the two of us got together that afternoon was when we popped the balloon! When it was time for the reveal, we made sure Hazel was a part of it as well. Poor thing was upset that we popped the balloon but was excited to play in the confetti that fell. I think when the moment came to do the reveal, I was equally as excited as I was nervous. I would even say the anticipation was just as much as those last few minutes of labour when Evan lifted Hazel up and said it’s a girl!







I think to say we were both a bit surprised when the confetti rained blue is an understatement. While I think we both wanted to have a little boy, so we could experience one of each, we were both thinking it was going to be another girl. We may know what the gender is but it’s still going to be a complete surprise when we meet our little guy at the end of the summer. We can’t wait to see what he looks like and to watch him grow and show his little personality.

Xo. Andria

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