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Growing up there was nothing better than sitting down to watch a movie and snacking on a giant bowl of popcorn just dripping in melted butter. There was something about the flavor, the warmth of the melted butter and how it made your fingers nice and greasy that just screamed comfort food. With the addition of microwavable popcorn and seasonings specifically for popcorn, this has drastically changed the way we look at popcorn. Gone are the days of greasy popcorn and in are the days of healthy popcorn that can be enjoyed as an everyday snack.


Last year at my nephews birthday party I was introduced to GH Cretors Chicago Mix, this was the first time I have ever seen cheddar and caramel flavored popcorn mixed together in one bag! I can’t believe it took  me 20 something years to discover this combination. To me this was mind-blowing, why would anyone want to mix these two flavors? I like both savory and sweet snacks but I don’t like to mix them. Yes, I am that person, the person that stands there hovering over the bowl picking out all the caramel corn and leaving the cheddar behind for everyone else. My sister-in-law laughs at me but is slightly thankful as she enjoys the cheddar J Don’t get me wrong I like the cheddar flavor but the caramel just has a special place in my heart, err belly.


Recently a large box of GH Cretors popcorn showed up on my door and I was beyond ecstatic. Yes I know you can get very large bags of the Chicago mix at Costco, but you can’t get the bags of JUST caramel! Two bags of just caramel popcorn and  this mom was in heaven and believe me I wasn’t sharing. I pretty much consumed an entire bag the other night before dinner, oops!  What I love about GH Cretors popcorn is that it is made with all nature ingredients and is completely free of GMO’s and artificial flavors and colours. The caramel corn is made with Cane sugar and real butter, allowing it to almost melt in your mouth as you enjoy. The Cheddar popcorn is made with real cheddar which contributes to its full flavor. Because it’s made with natural ingredients I don’t feel guilty sharing this snack with Hazel. Of course because she is so young I make sure to break up the pieces so she doesn’t choke and boy does she love the cheddar popcorn!

I have yet to find the just Caramel corn locally but have found the just Cheddar and of course the famous Chicago Mix. Each bag of the Chicago Mix contains 2 cheese to 1 caramel, but if you ask me it should be the other way around ;).  The GH Cretors website has a list of local grocery stores that sell their popcorn, you can find that information here and of course you can always go online and have the popcorn shipped right to your door!

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Xo. Andria


Disclaimer: GH Cretors kindly supplied me with a sample to facilitate my review, however all opinions stated in this post are 100% my own.

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  • September 22, 2014 at 3:29 pm

    The Chicago mix is great.


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