Hair Up! 5 Easy Steps to DIY Troll Hair

Hair in the air, hair in the air
Put your hair
Put your hair in the air

If you have young children at home there’s a good chance that you have seen the movie Trolls once or twice since it came out in November. You might remember I took Hazel for a little date to see it when it was first released (mommy daughter date seen here). The movie itself has a great story line about finding happiness within and the tunes that accompany the movie are super catchy, so this being said we have been grooving to the soundtrack since our date. As soon as I saw it was being released on iTunes I ordered it for the kids and it is currently one of our go to movies. It really is a nice change from all the princess movies to be honest with you. 

Since Hazel is fascinated with Princess Poppy I thought it would be fun to create some Princess Poppy hair for her. Troll hair has been slowly popping into my news feeds so I thought I would give it ago. I mean how hard could it really be? And not to mention we have all the regular Disney princess  gear so why not add some Princess Poppy to our collection? Well downstairs I went and after a quick rumamge through my crafting supplies I was ready to create. Clearly I knew there was a reason I was hoarding several giant rolls of tulle in bright colours, right? It was like I had this planned along, although I will admit it’s kind of scary that I had exactly what I needed to make Princess Poppy hair. The hair itself was super easy to make, taking less than 20 minutes to put together and only consisted of 5 easy steps! 

Hair Up! 5 Easy Steps to DIY Troll Hair

Supplies needed

5 Easy steps to DIY Troll Hair

Tulle, cut into strips




Glue Gun


5 easy steps to DIY Troll Hair
Cut your tulle into strips
5 easy steps to DIY Troll Hair
Knot your tulle around the headband. The tighter the knots the more tulle you will need. The more tulle you use, the thicker your flo will be 😉
5 easy steps to DIY Troll Hair
Once you are happy with your thickness, its time to gather
5 easy steps to DIY troll hair
Gather your hair up into the signature Troll shape. Turn your head band over and add tiny amount of glue near the top and scrunch your hair together. Keep adding more glue until the hair sticks and you reach your desired look.
5 easy steps to DIY Troll Hair
Now it’s time to add your ribbon and flowers. Using the glue gun attach your ribbon just about the headband and add flowers on top.
5 Easy steps to DIY Troll Hair
Voila! You now have Princess Poppy Hair.

Put Your Hair in the Air

Xo. Andria

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