Hazel Newborn Photos

As promised last week here are some pictures from our Newborn shoot with Emily Leeman Photography.

Hazel fb 17

Hazel 12 Hazel FB 18

Hazel Fb 11 hazel fb 10

Hazel Fb 8 Hazel FB 6

Hazel FB 14

I can’t believe its almost been a year since we had these taken! We had our pictures taken a week after she was born, she made Emily work a bit to get her shots, but we are beyond happy with the end results. Emily came to our home to take the pictures, and boy was that a production. I actually don’t know how she fit all of her equipment and props into her car! She had bags upon bags of blankets, hats, pants, etc. It was so hard to choose what we wanted in the shoot as everything was so cute! Emily know has a studio set up in her own home, thank goodness, so much work to bring all her stuff to everyone’s home. If you are looking for someone to take your newborn pictures or know someone who is I highly recommend her. You can find all her details on her website or on Facebook. If you missed our Maternity photos last week, you can find them here.


Xo. Andria

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