Hazel’s Big Luau

The Birthday Girl Edited

I have been meaning to share Hazels birthday party with you for a while now, almost 3 months to be exact, oops. Life has been busy you could say 🙂 As Hazel was born on a long weekend we opted to host her party the weekend after in hopes that the majority of our friends and family would be able to attend. We achieved exactly that, we had about 70 of our closest friends and family out to celebrate our little girls first birthday. We had people come in from places like Vernon and Mission to help us celebrate, it was the perfect excuse to get everyone together. The last time some of these family members saw each other was our wedding so it made the occasion just that much better.

gramma and grampa editedHaving been to Maui at the age of 5 months, this girl was already turning into a beach babe. She loves the water and spending an afternoon at the beach (clearly her mama’s girl) so we knew with out a doubt a Luau was going to be our theme. A few of our guests even came dressed for the occasion, wearing their Hawaiian best. How cute are my grandparents in their matching Hawaiian shirts?

We were hosting her party at my parents place in their back yard so we had lots of room for kids to run and play and for the adults to mingle. As it would turn out, the weather gods were not on our side for the majority of the day. We had maybe 5 whole days of rain this summer and her party was one of those days. Luckily for us Evan was able to borrow a large tent from work and our friends lent us another. We set these up in the yard for all the adults to huddle under, the kids didn’t seem to mind the rain and continued to play. We had borrowed a bouncy castle from some friends for the kids to play in. We also set up different play stations with lawn bowling, golfing, bubbles and a water table. We kept the party fairly simple, leaving it to be more of an open house type of party. We gathered everyone around to sing happy birthday to the birthday girl and watch her destroy a cup cake, but other than that left everyone to mingle. Our “tropical storm” eventually passed and the skies cleared to some beautiful sun.

cupcake edited

We also kept the food fairly simple, as we wanted to spend more time with our guests instead of fussing over food preparations.  We opted to go with your typical casual bbq food, veggies and dip, salads, chips , popcorn, and lots of sweets! We BBQ’d McLean’s All Beef Hotdogs that were very generously provided to us by McLean’s Organic Foods for our guests. These were a hit with our guests and I highly recommend them if you like hotdogs as they are 100% preservative and nitrate free. You can find them at a variety of local grocery stores.

cake edited cupcakes edited cookies edited pineapple edited

We went a bit crazy when it came to the desserts for the party. Evan and I made her a classic 1 shaped cake. Of course we started this at 9pm the night before, nothing a little wine couldn’t help us get through 🙂 For our first birthday cake I think we did pretty good, and can’t wait to see what we come up with over the next 20 years, haha! We had two different types of cupcakes, Pineapple butter cream and Chocolate with coconut butter cream. Evan’s sister brought over a bunch of Orchids to decorate the cupcakes with. I spent the Friday night before the party baking and decorating 96 sugar cookies. Thank goodness for the baking classes I took at Posh Pantry earlier this year as the cookies turned out really good. They most certainly didn’t last very long, which I can only assume is a good thing 🙂

setup edited

Aside from the food and baking Evan and I went to town on the DIY projects for Hazels party. We decorated the food tent with a bunch of luau themed decorations. I strung her 12 monthly photos above the food for all the guests to see how she grew and changed over the year. I also created a large 1 shaped pinata for the table. We made a poster that highlighted her current growth states, as well as her favourite things and her recent achievements, such as walking.

food edited sign edited

I have seen photo-booths at a few party’s now and thought it would be a lot of fun for our guests. This was probably my favorite of all the DIY stuff we did for the party. Evan painted a large canvas with a beach mural, which we hung from my parents deck. I gathered some luau themed accessories from our local party store for our guests to dress up in and hung Mylar balloons that spelt Aloha above. I purchased the balloons from Confetti and Sparkle Party Shop.  Aside from everything becoming quite wet from our “tropical storm” our guests had a great time with it and it created some priceless photos.

Aloha edited

Overall we had a great time celebrating our little girl. We had a couple really good friends and of course family members help us with the set up, take down and hosting of the party. We of course couldn’t have done it with out them. As well as all of our guests who braved the “tropical storm” and hung out until the sun came out. Thank goodness these bebes only turn one once, the next party will definitely be a little more low key 🙂

the milliards edited ladies edited Cruickshanks edited mom and dad edited

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